New Kitchen Hardware

Once upon a time there was this IKEA Rast hack contest.

Instructions; Hack a plain, unfinished pine IKEA dresser into something that could win votes, and if you placed in the top three you would receive a hardware makeover prize  for a room of your choice from Hickory Hardware.

Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Bliss-Ranch.com

I did place in the top three with my Rast-to-Apothecary-cabinet makeover.

As I designed my contest entry I believed only the 1st place project won the hardware makeover, so I set my sights on a hack that was worthy of garnering the top spot.

Not only did my Rast hack place in the top three, it won the "First Place" title, and to date has the most votes of any of the other winning contest hacks.

Apothecary Cabinet IKEA Rast Hack Winner, Bliss-Ranch.com
Yeah, I walk a little taller and type a little more confident when I get to proclaim that.

Or more likely it's the details on the hack that mean the most to me, like an overlooked fact that each drawer has the first initial and birth date of our two sets of parents.

Apothecary Cabinet IKEA Rast Hack Winner, Bliss-Ranch.com

But it wasn't just the glory I received with the win, there was that Hickory Hardware prize for a "room of my choice". 

And it has arrived.

Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Bliss-Ranch.com

After I won I clarified with the sponsor that I really won a whole rooms worth of hardware, because I've got a kitchen with three kitchens worth of hardware!

Then I took my time noodling on what hardware I might pick.

You know how this story is going to end right?

One thing leads to another, and winning a prize seems to have made more work for the Brawn of the operation.

Now a kitchen update is in the planning stage for the new hardware.

Cabinet Redo, Bliss-Ranch.com

Of course this won't be a simple or fast undertaking, although there won't be much if any demolition work, just mostly cosmetic upgrades.  And I am rather fond of my hickory wood cabinetry, so parting with some or all of it won't be an easy decision.

We tend to start these projects over Winter while we are trapped in the house with the heat on through yet another cold Minnesota winter.

But my hardware prize is at the ready.

So how did I decide out of a catalog with many styles that I liked, which ones would suit my as of yet undetermined cabinet style?

Well I got out my piggy and did eeny-meeny-miny-mo.

Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Black Nickle Vibed, Bliss-Ranch.com

I knew I wanted some sort of bin pulls to replace pulls already on.

I knew we probably didn't want to drill new holes or patch old ones.  (I use the word "we" very loosely here).

I knew I didn't want anything that I had to shine.

But there were equally as many "didn't knows".

When I chose the hardware I didn't know the final color on the cabinets or if that would involve a combination of a darker stain and paint, or what color the paint would be.

Kitchen Cabinets, Hanging Beam Light, Bliss-Ranch.com

I'm thinking the same color as #1 sons kitchen in the photo above - bright, happy and clean looking with rustic touches in various shades of wood.

I need a visual to pick things, so his cabinets make that easy for me.

Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Black Nickle Vibed, Bliss-Ranch.com

In addition to bin pulls in our kitchen, we have several sizes of knobs.

Some smaller ones, some regular size ones, which meant I needed to pick a style that either had a smaller matching knob or at least had one that would coordinate.

The finish on the hardware I chose is called Black Nickel Vibed. 

It's the perfect vintage-y finish with a modern flair, and no need to shine those beauties up! 

The smaller knob is called Metropolis, and the larger one is Savoy.

The bin pulls are Sommerset and I chose those because that style had several size choices and I wanted a larger 6" long one.

Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Black Nickle Vibed, Bliss-Ranch.com

So separately they are from different style lines of Hickory Hardware, but all together they make up the new Bliss Ranch kitchen hardware.

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  1. Congratulations on your win and prize. Wow!! I cannot wait to see it all come together.

  2. Congratulations!! Your piece deserved to win. Love the pulls and knobs you picked out. Can't wait to see them put in.


  3. Congrats on the win. You should be walking taller! Can't wait to see the updates. Love you son's kitchen!

  4. Love the hardware...I wish I could swap mine out every couple years just to experience the differences. You totally earned that win. That apothecary cabinet is (still) the bomb.


  5. OH that will look great! Your project was so fabulous, Bliss...and it's a wonderful prize! We just changed out all of the hardware at the lakehouse, and it's not an inexpensive project...but makes a huge difference! Looking forward to seeing your changes!

  6. I can't wait to see your kitchen once you have all the new hardware installed - you deserved that win!

  7. That was my favorite Hack EVER!! I love you he hardware you've chosen. I think it has a great vibe.

  8. That is the best Ikea Rast hack ever! The hardware is awesome ~ I'm with you on no polishing. Your son's kitchen is a dream!


  9. That was a HUGE win, B. And well earned. The hardware you chose is going to look great.

  10. Congrats on winning! I can see why you won. Your piece was so gorgeous and unique too. I think the hardware you picked out will be pretty in your kitchen. I can't wait to see the finished product. That will be soon.........right? (wink)


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