Readers Share Their Painted Door Mats

In July I decided to try my hand at painting a faded but otherwise intact oversize front door mat. 

The mat was a more expensive one that didn't last any longer than the cheap ones, and I didn't want to toss it out so figured I had nothing to lose. 

My mat would have actually looked better if all the color had worn off leaving it a solid  looking gray rather than the half worn off look it had going on.

But painting it worked, and I was very happy with the outcome.  You can see the whole easy process by clicking here.

Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

I didn't know that posting about my door mat was going to inspire others to break out a sponge and give it a whirl, but it did, and I'd like to show you some of the door mats that readers brought back to life.

Lois and Theresa both left me comments that they had each tried their hand at painting their mat and loved how they turned out, so I asked if they would send me a photo so I could share their success with everyone.

Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

Lois said;
"I just used colors I had at home - red, yellow, green.  It has rained every day since my 2 coats of sealer were applied, and it's held up perfectly. Hubby even noticed, commented, and praised the project!
Thank YOU Lois for sharing your photo with me, doesn't it make you feel good being able to recycle a mat you thought was past it's prime? 

And below is Theresa's mat.
Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

Theresa used colors to reflect a beachy vibe since she lives in Florida. This is what she had to say.....
"It was all faded pink and a "something color" but it was still in great shape. I repainted it with sponges and a group of acrylic paint colors that made me smile.  Then 2 coats of a spray urethane.  It was all done in 1 day.  I love bright colors and it goes with the Florida sunshine.  I am looking for more like this to redo for each season."

I know just what Theresa means by she is looking for more to redo, I have some other faded ones that were retired from the front porch.  I could paint those up for over Winter and put my new-old one away in the garage till Spring.

Thank you Theresa for sharing your door mat photo, it really does make me feel fantastic to know I inspired others.

Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

My daughter also decided to paint her faded mat after she saw the conversion mine went through. 

Her mat is shaped like stones so she decided to use shades of grays, beige, and creams to create subtle color variations for depth, that were complimentary to neutral rocks.

She chose a variety of Fusion Mineral Paints and used the same sponging technique that I used in my original post.  

When the color wears or fades off this type mat, what's left is shades of black and gray.  And I can tell you from experience, the ones that say "won't fade".... it's a lie!

Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

#1 Daughter just dabbed and daubed the colors on til she liked the look. 

Several coats of clear spray sealer were applied, she let it dry then popped it in her car trunk and took it home to her own front porch.

Painted & Revived Front Door Mat,

It's funny that we get used to the way something looks just how it is, until there is a change for the better and the item is freshened up....then we notice what a nice addition it makes to an area when it's all cleaned up.

Door Mat Revival With Fusion Mineral Paint,

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  1. I love the way Daughter #1's turned out!

  2. Really a great idea. I have to wear mine out a little and try this in the spring.

  3. It's such a great idea...wish I had some of mine back from the trash...

  4. That is such a great idea! I like how everyone's turned out. You didn't know that you started a trend huh?

  5. Probably looks better than new! Great idea.

  6. They're all so cute. I've go one, and I'm going to do this!

  7. I'm curious about how well the doormat functions with all the sealer on it. I mean isn't a doormat supposed to absorb some of the wet?

    1. The drips and drops fall off fine, it's not slickery or water proof, and if you wipe your feet on it bits of dirt still get trapped in the little crevices, so to conclude - works great with the sealer.


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