$3.00 Halloween Banner Glittered Up

A normal Fall usually sees me making spooky preparations for Halloween, even if it's just a fake raven with an eyeball dangling from it's mouth or a few carved pumpkins.

And some years, like this year, I use whatever is handy just to give the illusion that Halloween is right around the corner. 

(What that really means is I'm too lazy to look for the orange and black bins that house the appropriate October 31st decorations).

On a recent trip to Target I was looking around at the dollar spot and noticed several type/style Halloween banners. 

I didn't want one that said Happy Halloween, I liked the boring looking one that said Trick or Treat.

I also wanted the cheapest one, so tossed the $3.00 banner in my cart.

When I got home and hung it up I noticed it was pretty blah, but I reasoned with myself, oh well, it was only three bucks.

Halloween Banner

Except that everyone in the family who walked by it asked me what it said. 

Unlike the photo above, from a distance the letters didn't stick out which made it hard to read, and I'm pretty sure the "or" was strung on the yarn upside down. 

So I did what any woman would do who had Elmers School Glue and glitter on hand.....

Halloween Banner

I filled in the letters with glue - which were recessed into the thick cardboard - then sprinkled on glitter.

You were warned at the beginning of this post when I gave notice that this wasn't an amazing project.  But it was thrifty.

Target did have deluxe banners that already had glitter on them for $10 dollars, but I didn't need a banner for ten bucks, I was only willing to spend three bucks.

Halloween Banner

It helped that the letters were recessed, the glue flowed into the letters easily and I didn't have to worry about gluing out of the lines.

It must be a photographic illusion, because in person the before is not that easy to read.

Halloween Banner

Either way, the after has a little more pizazz. 

And I didn't have to move one thing on my mantel.

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  1. You did give it some more pizz-azz! I sure love that darn Target $$ spot!

  2. My kind of banner making! Looks a hundred times better now.

  3. I'm always amazed by what a little glitter can do!

  4. A little glitter can go a long way ... and I'm pretty sure the "or" is hanging upside down too. :)

  5. Great job! Love your mantel too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a great idea, Bliss...looks so much better! And non-earthshattering projects are the best kind!

  7. I really like your banner spruce up! Maybe I'm just too tired, but where is your email signup? Thanks from teadoddles on IG!

  8. Oh, yes, you can read it so much better now. Super cute!

  9. The after really shows off the letters. A wonderful do-over.

  10. I can see why you added the orange glitter. It looks a lot better that way. That was a great way to jazz it up!

  11. You're so jazzy. I mean, who else would have copper glitter at their fingertips?


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