State Of The Union Address

State of the Union Address?

Of course what I really mean is the state of the blog address, I just couldn't resist a tiny bit of presidential talk with the election coming up.

Besides, my blog is in by far better shape than the union!

It might seem like I've been sluff'n with no recent project posts, and I assure you that is the truth, that yes I have been sluff'n.

For someone who has had jars of paint on her dining room table for the past three weeks I'm sort of at a loss for what I've been getting done.  In fact it looks to me like I've been getting a whole lotta nothing done.

There is one project started that with any luck will be done this weekend.

This big black 50 year old toy box.

Old Black Toy Box Gets Update

It was made by my dad out of really rough plywood, which he had painted white with 1970's goldish/yellow trim.  I remember painting it green once, and I do not remember painting it black but obviously I did.

At some point after it was painted black, I loaded it with stuffed animals and shoved it under the stairs.  Now it's in my dining room wearing the wrong look of chippy paint.

I've also been busy with our roof.

No I don't nail shingles but I would like to shove a few up someones azz.

I've been busy with it because the company that replaced it did a horse shit job and I have to make phone calls with them and insurance, and our agent.

Bad Roof Shingles

Yes I just swore twice, I'm no angel .... and I have said worse than that regarding this whole roof escapade.  I hired the highest rated bunch of clowns I could find.

But I'm not going to write much about the roof because it makes my blood boil and I want to throw things or put shingles where the sun don't shine on a couple people.

Instead of swearing more, I'll just show you two photos of the job.  I won't say "finished" job because this isn't over by a long shot!  My roof looked better with the old shingles on it.  They have plenty of excuses for why it looks like this that I don't really want to hear, because frankly I don't give a dammmmm, I just want it fixed.

Seriously, the hail storm that damaged it to begin with was at the beginning of June, now they say they are waiting till spring to fix it.  To FIX the NEW roof.  It's just mind boggling to me that a new roof needs a fix and that months and months later I'm still dealing with it.

The silver lining in this roofing cloud is that both the shingle company and the roofing company guarantee their product and work, so in the end I should have a good roof, but if anyone thinks they are getting fully paid before the roof is where it should be they can kiss my sass.

Bad Roof Shingles

Also in the State of The Union, Brawn and I had to admit something to ourselves.

Our eyesight isn't what it used to be.  Well he never really had great eyesight, but me, mine was always fantastic.  I thought something was wrong so I had my eyes checked.

The eye doc did the exam and asked my age then said I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is there is nothing wrong with your eyes.  The bad news is your just getting old.

Thanks doc.  That was about 15 years ago, and now I keep pairs of readers all over the house.

TV Wall Mount

So one night sitting in bed while the half-blind man of my dreams controlled the remote for the television that he really can't see, I realized that I can't see the darn thing either.  Faces are fuzzy, if there are words I have no idea what they say.

I found myself constantly asking "what does that say?", and the answer that comes back is always the same.... "I don't know I can't see it".

I couldn't tell what channel it was on, what ones he was skipping too, I couldn't see the little box within the picture showing another program, and I actually realized why people on TV haven't aged, it's because I.can't.see.them.

So we took a look at where we could put a larger screen for our bedroom viewing pleasure.  Over the fireplace was the only spot, the one place I didn't want a TV, then we got the largest that would fit our budget and the space.

New TV Wall Mount

Different shows are watched at night from the comfort of our half asleep bed position than ones on the large family room TV.  I just watch what other people have tuned too in both places, it doesn't matter much to me, hence all the car shows, news shows, and the overdose of the History channel that I am subjected too. 

We have a pretty good size bedroom so the TV isn't close to my eyes, it's about 18 feet from my face to the front of the screen.  It really doesn't matter how far it is or isn't, because I probably couldn't see the small one even at 10 feet, remember - I'm getting old, I received that diagnosis from the eye doctor.

After the new TV was up, the first thing I proclaimed was how old some of those people looked now that they were hanging in full size over my fireplace.  It's amazing how enjoyable watching television can be when you can see what is going on.

That young guy from Counting Cars, well he's got all sorts of gray in his whiskers and he's not the young pup I thought he was when I couldn't really see him.  And now I can see what the American pickers are actually picking.

Even though the last thing I wanted was the TV out of the cabinet and hanging over the fireplace, we found a solution, and lets just say it involves some old barn wood and the hardware that comes in this box..........

Barn Door Hardware

And with any luck that project will also be finished this weekend.

The blog will be back to it's regularly scheduled programing next week, so stay tuned for a converted big black toy box and how to hide a big black television over a fireplace.

And don't mention my roof.

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  1. Oh Lord. I laughed til I cried. I'm probably way older than you so I truly feel your pain. That roof! What were they thinking? There is a recent website run by a board of contractors, with referrals that guarantees the work. You can google it, but make sure you get the right one that is endorsed by Dave Ramsey.

  2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you. I won't mention 'it', but that one makes my blood boil. Our tv in the bedroom is merely a decoration for about a year now....the cable guys lost the line in the wall when my husband called for a 'pixalated tiling' that periodically would come on the screen (read, when the cable company's viewing was overloaded, as in March Madness viewing). So they attempted to rewire, lost the wire, attempted fishing wire through various walls, and when they were up in the attic, about to saw a hole in the middle of the floor to drop a new line (because I said no to making a new hole in the wall), I told them to get out. We haven't had tv in the bedroom ever since. That part's not bad, but it makes for ugly decor, no matter what style you're talking. I hope your 'other' issue gets resolved before next spring. Ugh.

  3. Alright, I won't mention it either...but I hope it gets straightened out for you soon. And every television we have is GIGANTIC...that's what happens when you get EVEN OLDER.

  4. Getting old is not for sissies. And we don't have a television in the bedroom because there's only one outlet per wall....

  5. I have to laugh, not only because your posts are always so funny, but because the conversation between you and Brawn sounds like us. We have the tiniest of tiny TV's on top of our armoire in the bedroom and neither of us can see it. We don't want to buy a new one because frankly we fall asleep 5 minutes after we turn it on. :)

  6. Ugh, the roof! Sorry. I wasn't supposed to mention it. But you've made my blood boil too! Looking forward to seeing the dual "black box" projects next wee! :)

  7. Oh my! That's a really bad roof. I'm not sure I understand how it could be that bad. Please don't let your blood boil. Mine is boiling over the election. It just won't cool down. I'm just trying to stay away from as many people as possible. My neighbor put a "vote for Trump" sign in their yard. They are my friends. I can't speak to them.

  8. I eagerly await your new viewing situation. I can't make up my mind about hanging a giant tv on the wall and covering it with doors. I'll have to pay someone a very large sum to have it done as Magoo will not do it. It's in a giant armoire right now which suits me just fine but I have been pondering.
    My eye doctor told me I was old when I was in my early 40's. So we can all be old together. :)

  9. Oh- That is just CRUMMY that your roof looks that. That was certainly an inferior job from the get go. If you look at the close up -they starter piece was already warping and they kept right on going. Had they stopped there and replaced that starter strip you would not have had that ripple effect. That is just crazy. We have had lots of roofing done in our career(s). I don't blame you for being mad!! But ot have to wait that long for a 'fix' is crazy.

    I have a small TV in the bedroom and I moved it lose to the bed so that I could see it up close and personal. Had to laugh about that -what did that say--I didn't hear Those words must echo across TV viewing land. lol

    Waiting to see your project. xo Diana

  10. Oh no! Your poor roof! I can definitely see that it's not right. We had our roof replaced several years ago due to hail damage too. Luckily, it was done right though. Hopefully, you will get it fixed sooner rather than later. I would insist that they come back and do it right away instead of waiting till Spring. All of that snow is coming! It's their fault so they shouldn't have to "work you in". I'm a big complainer when it comes to shotty service and work. I would've said some choice words too. Welcome to the club of bad eye sight people now. I am near sighted so I always have either glasses or contacs in. When I wear contacs to see far away, I have to wear readers to see close up now that I'm older. When you get older your eyes can't adjust back and forth like they could when you're younger (so said my eye dr). It sucks getting older doesn't it? I could go on and on and on with everything I hate about middle age. But, I won't. If I hadn't have had such a great younger life (my 20's) I wouldn't have known how bad middle age could be. ha!

  11. I still think your room looks better than my vinyl siding, but that's another story. Anywho, I always enjoy your Product-Gone-Bad posts. You should do a monthly "Consumer Bliss" post. You know, tips on how to complain to the company and get results, etc.. I'm serious.

    What a treasure that you still have something your dad built. Can't wait to see the new chippy, or not so chippy look.

  12. Hey Bliss. Your roof looks like shizznizzle. My Phil wants to know if they put old shingles over new shingles, or if they tore everything off and put up new shingnizzles. I'm drinking winenizzles, so I might sound stupidnizzles.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have to have subtitles on EVERYTHING I watch, because I can't hear SHIZZNIZZLE.

    I can still see pretty good tho. Of course, I have coke-bottle lenses on my glasses, and that seems to help.



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