Quirky Sign With Homestead House Milk Paint

What month is this?  Janulazy?

Of course I'm not talking about myself, I haven't been lazy.

OK, yes I have, I admit it.

It's partially a patience thing, but I did make a sign.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign

Our high speed DSL has been acting like the evil step sister to dial up, and patience is something I have on my bucket list to experience sometime in this life.

Oh wait, in addition to having no patience I don't have a bucket list.....


I guess that little cussing quote is equivalent to the much nicer way to phrase my thought.......


Either way I think you get what I'm saying, I haven't been all that motivated the past few weeks and the un-done laundry proves that fact.

The problem is that there is this very comfortable spot on my couch where I can watch other people motivate, like my husband motivating on a new mantel and cabinets.

New Fireplace Mantel

And while I am comfortably all snuggled up with my blanket, totally engrossed with the nailing and the deafening sound of the compressor, I can also talk to him and ask him what the next project is that we will be working on.

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't turned around and said sarcastically "WE???".

There is oh so much truth to the fact I am the brains and he is the brawn.

U-Cut Trees Sign

Anyway, before Christmas I made this U-Cut Trees sign with the intention of having it be a two sided sign so I didn't have to store it away.  It's a long board. 

I packed up all the holiday decorations and left the tree sign proudly standing in a corner till I was motivated.

Motivation happened briefly yesterday when I walked by a gallery wall.

Caricature Picture

Hanging on the slim slice of hallway property are six caricatures of my kids that were made on a vacation.

Five of the drawings are from a trip to Nevada, and the caboose got his drawn on a trip to Animal Kingdom at Disney in Orlando.

There was room below the caricatures for the long 5 foot tree sign, but I didn't really want a U-Cut Trees sign hanging there, so I just flipped it over.

Next Christmas I can take the sign off the wall to put somewhere else, or just flip it over where it's at.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

You've seen those location signs - longitude and latitude etc., also known as coordinates.

I'm calling my spin on those signs the "inheritor coordinates".

Each of my kids has the first letter of their name and the day of their birth listed in order on the sign - C14H1D8B8J3L9.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

All six, perfect fit.  For they are The Inheritors.

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black as the background, and then I mixed up some Homestead Milk Paint in Buttermilk Cream for the letters. 

Homestead House is the same company that makes the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  So if you are using that you should also check out the color selection in the Homestead line.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

I like using Milk Paint, to me the colors are more vintage looking.  For this project I only mixed a small bit, since I was stenciling it on the sign I really didn't need much.

The board was bought at an auction with other paintable wood junk for a couple bucks.  One side was raw wood, the other had a stain that I painted over.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

Matthew Mead's Metallic Paint was used for the smaller lettering, first in brushed steel then I topped it with silver.  Photos can't do justice to the nice metallic shine of these paints.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

 If you look closely at the photo above you can see the slight cracked look of the letters with the Milk Paint.  I love that, it's perfect to give the sign a sense of being older than it is. 

If I hadn't been Jan-u-lazy, I would have taken photos with something other than my cell phone. 

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

The sign was sanded to distress it, and because I like to wax my projects it received a coat of Fusion Beeswax.  Wax is not necessary with Fusion Mineral Paint, it's just my preference on things like signs.

Custom Coordinates Style Sign using Fusion Mineral Paints

Personally I like the sign where it hangs under the caricatures, and the quirky "inheritor coordinates" title.  My husband gave me an obligatory chuckle. 

Two of my gaggle of six kids had to have it explained to them. 

I guess it's ok that they don't know what an inheritor is since Brawn and I have no intention of pushing up daisies any time soon.

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  1. Janulazy...that is perfect and I am stealing it. You make me laugh, Bliss!
    I love your with a personal connection is the best!
    And I am looking forward to seeing the mantel/ cabinets project!

  2. You know, I prefer milk paint when I want something that looks old. And sometimes it bubbles just right, which is my favorite! Love the sign...I notice that most of them are the first part of the month; did it make planning parties a nightmare or did you just get it over with all at once?

  3. Such a cool sign. And my fuckit list is a million miles long, and I've been lazy for over 2 months. Does that ever go away? While we're discussing things that won't go away, what about that roll of fat around my belly? Will that ever go away? Wait. I see a donut.


  4. Love the sign and the characters of the kids are awesome. Laughed at your statements, i.e. quotes. I asked once before, where to get Fusion paint.


  5. Ha!Ha! This made me laugh and I really needed that right now. I love the sign! It has meaning but you need to be "in on it" to really get it. ;)

  6. The second version of your condition is of course, the one I have to go with as 1. My ma would roll over in her grave if I went with your first version. 2. As this isn't in a private message email, of course I can't tell you how I laughed like crazy at the fuckit one. So we won't discuss that. Glad to see your post. P.S. Actually it would prob'ly be my dad that would roll over in his grave ... mom was pretty cool :D Later then -

  7. Clandestine as that sign may be, it gorgeous to look at, sign lady. Love the black and Buttermilk cream together, very vintage. Janulazy? Oh how I like the sound of that!

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  9. Cool idea and good performance.


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