Thrifty Style Team February, The Barber Shop

The Thrifty Style Team is back for 2017, kicking off February with some thrifty wares.

It's all about how to use cast off, thrifty or thrifted items in your decor.

This month I'm going to show you some of my favorite finds, although I don't know if I can actually call them thrifty since they sort of cost me thousands of dollars.

Vintage Cash Register
This old register unfortunately was not filled with vintage money.

I didn't  pay for these vintage finds by the item, which makes them thrifty, but I did have to buy a whole building in order to call them my own, and that makes them spendy when you throw in the cost of the bricks and windows.

I guess the fact that the building we purchased came with cool contents would be considered a bonus.

 Antique Barber sign, someone stole the pole years ago.

When we first considered looking at the building we didn't know we were going to find all the old paraphernalia still in tact.

Paraphernalia that was dirty and hairy, but intact.

The two story small town business was built in 1915 back when main street would hold everything you needed.

A doctors office.......a general store......a meat market.....and a barber shop.

We bought the barber shop.

Old Barber Chair
One of two barbers chairs that I call my own.

I need to tell it like it one in their right mind would ever pay me for a haircut.

All anyone has to do is look at my husbands hair in our wedding photos.  Egads, the time to actually PAY for a haircut folks, is your wedding day!

But my husbands bad haircut didn't stop me from playing barber.

Antique Red Wing Clock
The electric clock still works, I have it sitting in a bar area at my house.

When each of my boys were small I was the barber around the ranch.  When they got old enough for friends to notice that their momma cut their hair and that she didn't do a very good job at it, it was time to admit defeat.

I started taking them to the barber, but boys hair grows fast.  Lining the four of them up so often cost me more money than I wanted to spend and the magazines at the barber were boring, so Dad and our oldest son took over the shaver and scissors.

I still cut my own hair, and my sons trust me to remove a stray hair on their head, but if I suggest they need a haircut I've heard more than once, "you're not doing it".

Maybe it was that time I tried to use the shaver for a "little trim" and took the hair of my 3 year old down to the scalp and then some - that soured the rest of them on my hair cutting ability?

De Witt Steri Tool Ceramic Scissor Container
This is exactly how I found the scissors when we bought the building.

I've got the strop, and the razors, every scissor the old barber used, two antique barber chairs, and a whole bunch of other items that are still in the building.

The scissors however I brought home.

Vintage Scissor Collection

I haven't lathered anyone up for a shave, no man in his right mind would let me do that, but I keep the steri bin on the bathroom counter.

Barber Tools

It's a very heavy ceramic and would of held a sterilizing solution to keep the scissors clean.  The barber would just plop the scissors point down into the solution.

Vintage Scissor Collection

I did some sterilizing of my own on this stuff and I do use the scissors.  They are still very sharp, I guess they don't make 'em like they used too.

My favorite find in the building was the old cash register I showed you at the beginning.  I thought it was crusty old brass, but accidentally found out cleaning it one day that it's nickel.

Vintage Cash Register

I would have liked it much better if the drawer threw out piles of hundred dollar bills when it flew open.

Interestingly our purchase agreement specified that if we found any money in the walls during renovations that we had to turn it over to the sellers.  That's how convinced they were that their parents stashed their cash.

We're still looking for it.

Unlike me not hitting the jackpot with the old register, you can hit the thrifty jackpot by stopping in with the rest of the Thrifty Style Team at the links below to see what February finds they have for you.

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  1. That is a very cool building...and it came with some wonderful stuff!
    Unfortunately, there are no photos of my daughter from elementary school with straight bangs...just sayin'.

  2. how neat were all the goods that came with the building...especially that cash register. Why did i not know you bought a building in town. what do you use it for?

  3. Oh my have such cool stuff. Those scissors are scaring me, but what an amazing adventure to buy a barber shop! That chair is so cool. I cut Rick's hair once (shaved it by accident) and it was the day before he earned the Deans key at school. His advisor made fun of his bald head in the program. I felt so bad!! Never again he said.

  4. I love your entire collection! We talked LONG ago about my husband collection antique shaving gear - I showed him this and he was in awe. So happy to be hopping with you. xo

  5. How fun is THIS? I love all of the old goodies your building has. And those scissors are too cool. Loving how fun all of these items are. That cash registered sure cleaned up beautifully!!

  6. Congratulations on finding and purchasing such a cool old building with such great stuff inside! Interesting clause in the sale. :)))

  7. WOW!! What amazing finds!! And you only had to buy a building to get them! ;-) My son is obsessed with the show American Pickers these days so he'll get a kick out of seeing these. So fun to have you part of the thrifty style team!

  8. Those are very cool finds! Looks like a place American Pickers would've loved to have seen. I'm curious...are you planning on sharing why you bought the barbershop? I love that it was all original, and that everything was still there! ;)

  9. How cool is all of this stuff? Love the chair and the register is very cool.


  10. What a treasure hunt! I love that cash register!! I think we need a wedding photo..STAT!

  11. What a haul! I love everything you found and that cash register is amazing! And how hilarious is the stipulation about finding money in the walls!

  12. Cool stuff, what are your plans for the building?

  13. Used to cut my son's hair, too. Went through a bit of a punk rock phase and so did his haircuts. His First Communion photo might hint at that...

    Bliss's Barber's Museum and Coffee House!! Just having fun, but your barber treasures are so cool and like pieces of art (especially compared to the way they make things these days.)

  14. Love your finds! I would buy the building if I could get a hold of that cash register!

    happy day!

  15. This reminds me of the time I let my husband cut my hair! That didn't happen again either! Haha! I also find it amusing that someone took the pole out from under the sign. :) Great finds! What are you doing with the building? Just curious!


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