Pfister Laundry Room Faucet

I suppose no one reading this has ever started a household project that should take a mere couple of hours tops, only for it to drag on for something like 2+ weeks,'s just me?

Oh that's happened to you too?

Such is the tale of installing an awesome faucet in a not so awesome laundry room sink.

Most people who come to my home wouldn't describe it as old.

Around these parts old houses are those that have been here since the middle ages.  But even a 20 year old well used home can find a way to complicate a simple project just like a place built before indoor plumbing.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

In the case of my old not really old house, the complication came in the form of installing a new laundry room faucet.

Sometimes when a man has an extra two hours, that is plenty of time to update an old laundry room faucet and install the cool Pfister Faucet that the UPS man delivered, compliments of Pfister.

And sometimes even two weeks is not enough time for a simple install.

We have so many Pfister Faucets in our home I have lost count, some original to when the house was built, and they all still work like new.  So I was anxious to update the unattractive laundry room faucet with a Pfister faucet that has some style and the quality that can take what I dish out.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

Pfister has a great website for checking out all their products.  I don't receive anything if you stop over there and have a look.  I also don't get paid to tell you that I love Pfister faucets.  For us their faucets have been trouble free for over 20 years.

The installation complications had absolutely nothing to do with the new faucet and actually not even the old faucet, but everything to do with the sink drain - which wasn't even being replaced. 

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

This is a good angle for my husbands face to be so you can't see his look of frustration.  It is also a good thing there is no audio with this post, you might have to set profanity filters.

The space is tight to work in anyway with a closet behind him that his rear-end is probably snuggled up against, as his knees are holding the upright freezer in place to his left.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

My laundry room faucet has delivered water to everything from dirty football uniforms, to just yesterday some formerly white cushion covers that needed a nice soak in bleach.

And I'm not sure why, but when the work area gets a face lift it makes those chores more enjoyable.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

The Pfister faucet itself went in quickly, look at that charming beauty above!  The faucet also went in without issue, including the plumbing to it.

But because I really don't want to bore you with plumbing shop talk, I'll just simplify how this install didn't go according to plan..... it was the old drain where it is attached to the laundry sink underneath - it decided it must leak - and at one point the only option looked like it would be to replace the whole sink.

I'm not quite clear on what caused this problem,  but my husband said something incoherent at the time about the rubber washer and a rusty pipe that might need to be cut off.

Fortunately needing a new sink didn't happen, because if it took two weeks to finally get the drain issue solved, I fear it would have been next year if we had to replace the sink!

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

And waiting a year would be hard because that sink gets a LOT of use soaking things.

So the simple two hour install turned into a two week process, with my beautiful new Pfister faucet installed but I couldn't use it because I couldn't run water through the dam drain.

Long time readers know how I do reviews.......I actually USE the products I write about, and I won't tell you how great something is unless I have actually used it.

Well I have used the faucet, and it IS great.

Having a faucet with a pull out handle in the laundry room is most excellent for washing gunk down the side walls on the sink, and of course the new bronze color means I don't have to shine chrome.  

I mentioned that I wanted to give the little sink nook a bit of charm to go with the new faucet, and Brawn took it upon himself to cut up an original barn door to fit the spot, from old Albert's Farm barn.

I suspect at that point he wanted to get out of the laundry room so he opted for something easy.

Old barn wood Laundry Room Update

I gave the old barn wood a coat of sealer on both sides since I couldn't decide which side I liked better, and it was nailed up there in a blink of an eye.

The little sink nook comes with some life rules not specific to the laundry.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

These rules have been in place for over 20 years, gifted to me by my best friend, and I'm not about to take them down now even if the frame fits a little awkward in the corner.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

Sometimes everyone needs a little reminder of what the rules are - at least the rules as they apply in this one room.

The rules are probably null and void any where else in the house.

But that doesn't worry me, I have another reminder for people - a magnet on the freezer door.........
Old barn wood Laundry Room Update
Proudly hanging in the same spot since about the mid 90's.

Pfister Faucet Update Laundry Room

And I expect this Pfister faucet to be filling the laundry sink for the next 20 years.....  that is as long as no one messes with the sink drain where it attaches to the sink.

If you're updating a faucet in your home, consider Pfister faucets.  I love the ones we have and I find them to be affordable and stylish.  Two wins as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. The only thing I'm amazed at is that you seem to indicate that there are projects that DO get done in a few hours without complications. Your sink area is perfect.

  2. The new faucet looks so perfect in your laundry room. I LOVE your walls!

  3. Two weeks isn't too bad now. It's done and looking gorgeous. And you even got a cute utility table in the process :D

  4. It's beautiful faucet, Bliss...and I love the barn wood, too!

  5. It does make chores easier when the chore area has had an update. Love the new Pfister faucet and the barnwood.

  6. I'm just going to say that's what happens when you let a "male" do a project that directly affects the "females" work area! ;) I learned that with my washing machine! Even thought I flooded my bathroom, it was fixed by the end of the day! Ha ha! Your new faucet & wall panel look great!

  7. This is a beaut and definitely jazzes up your pretty laundry room!

  8. What a great look! I am jealous.

  9. Your laundry room is really shaping up! Love the update s, especially the barn door. I want a laundry sink that isn't plastic with stains all over it.


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