Thrifty Style Team Trash To Treasure

You know the saying.

I really don't have to repeat it, but I will anyway......

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

For this months Thrifty Style Team, I will be decorating with someone's trash, and I tell 'ya, it is totally a treasure as far as I'm concerned.
Salvaged Wood Barn Style Doors,

In this case it was truly worth hopping in that dumpster.

Mostly because I wasn't the one who hopped in, it was the brawn of the operation.
Salvaged Wood Barn Style Doors,

At a construction site he saw some wood sticking out of a dumpster so he went to investigate.  The large barn style doors went wrong for the carpenter, so into the trash they went.

Then out of the trash they came and home to me, where they are going very right.

When the doors arrived they got stuffed in the shed for a year until I had this great idea to turn them into barn doors to hide a new bigger more old-eye friendly television.

Brawn did have to alter them and we ended up using the other side - I wanted them plain just the plank look, not western style.

The hardware was ordered from Amazon.  We weren't picky, just needed to find a rail that was long enough.

 Barn Style Door hardware,

I sat on a chair with my slippers on and watched both Brawn and that pile of laundry behind him, wondering when they would both get done.

Salvaged Barn Style Wood Doors TV hideaway,

I think Brawn won, the laundry was there for a week longer.

Salvaged Barn Style Wood Doors TV hideaway,

The finishing touch was the handles.

I wanted something big, and found some very heavy vintage boxcar handles.

Salvaged Barn Style Wood Doors TV hideaway,

I love them. 

Salvaged Barn Style Wood Doors TV hideaway,
I also happen to love the new big t.v. that these doors hide.

I can actually see it....all from the comfort of my bed.

Salvaged Wood Barn Style Doors,

Not bad for a dumpster dive.

Yes the handles and the rail cost us cash, but custom barn doors are pricey, ours were very thrifty, and trashy and dumpstery.

Are you wondering what is in all those boxes?

Me too.

I could tell you I decorate with cardboard, but the truth is I haven't had time to open them, nor do I have time to clean up to stage any photos right now which is obvious based on the pile of laundry in one of the pictures.

But I do hope YOU will open each of the links below to see what the rest of the Thrifty Style Team has up their sleeve, or who knows maybe they hauled something out of a dumpster and have a trash to treasure project too. 

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  1. What a great post and a truly lucky find! Those handles!! Enjoy your new tv...i no longer watch the one in our room bc I can't see squat 😣 so I understand your excitement!

  2. Oh I'm in love with this!!! They look amazing and you crack me up. Whhat a fantastic find!!!

  3. Just awesome. You and Brawn can do anything!

  4. Wow...what a fantastic find!! Loving how great this upcycle turned out in your tv space!

  5. Nice!! DL always wants to put barn doors somewhere, but he needs to hold his horses. Yours look great!

  6. Best find ever! Love the outcome... what a gorg bedroom!

  7. Yep. They look great. I wish I had a covered area for my bedroom tv. Just to keep the dust out.

  8. Wow, what an awesome find and I love what you did with them!

  9. Awesome project! You sure don't find doors like that everyday!

  10. First - you are hysterical. Second - you are a genius! Have Brawn find the project and do the project! We need to borrow him LOL. Such a great dumpster find and the doors look fabulous on your cabinet. Laundry can wait!
    Vicki and Jenn - 2 Bees in a Pod

  11. I love your new dumpster doors!

  12. This is an amazing post. You did a great job. Your dumpster doors look awesome.


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