Ringing In The New Year With 2018 Favs

I realize every other blogger on the planet has already wished their readers Happy New Year.  Some did it smack dab at midnight on the eve of, some before the new year actually arrived, and then at that stroke of midnight they were all promptly ready to post Valentine's Day projects for 2019 because they are organized like that.

Well I'm not one of those.

I'll leave it for you to ponder if that is because I don't give a darn what everyone else does, fly by the seat of my pants, march to the beat of my own drummer, or that I'm only organized enough -but proud- to get my holiday decorating put away before July.

We're just about midway into the first month of 2019 and I don't think that's so far into the year that I can't still use a Happy New Year greeting.  I guess I could change it up for the occasion..... Happy Mid January?  Happy 2019 that started two weeks ago?

Whatever, 2019 has arrived and twentyeighteen is a thing of the past.

And speaking of the past, below are five 2018 fav's from last year.

The projects are nothing opulent, no exquisite decorating or room staging, which tells me that my readers want to see re-purposing, thrifty finds, and updates they can see themselves accomplishing.

If you want to take a gander at the before and afters, just click on the links.

This beachy table lives at the home of my BFF.  Her colors, her house, her paints, and I love the combination of it all, even if it did take me a few tries to get it right for her.

She's got a great house with a comfortable coast side vibe, and you have no idea how I wish I was there right now.  The table captures a bit of the moody ocean, some aqua sky, and wave smacked wood.  The colors don't really tell you if the squall is coming or going.

Anyone need a band-aid, have a splinter, or food caught in your teeth?

If so you can find everything you need in our first aid cabinet.  It was an inexpensive garage sale find that turned into a useful spray-etched wall cabinet for just about anything that ails 'ya.

Also using spray etch was a makeover I gave to the breezeway entry door of a rental property we sold.  The whole project cost next to nothing with a poured cement floor, some lap siding on the walls, and the update to the door.

The outdoor spa.....oh how it feels good to soak in that hot water at this time of year.  What was once a patio eyesore has turned into an appealing spot with steps and seating, a new cover from Canadian Hot Tubs, and hand sculpted quick set cement boulders and stones.

Many moons ago I traveled from the wild west to the mid west, and this sign hanging above the bed commemorates the eastern journey on the fictitious Minn-Cal Railway. The sign also has a surprise, it's two sided.  The other side is a Christmas sign that depicts all the coal Kris Kringle delivers in December.  I can flip it over when decorating for the holidays and not need to store it when Christmas is over.

Here at the ranch the year was full of fun, surprises, projects, plans, and it's real life so unfortunately there were also a few tears and sad goodbyes. 

Our gaggle of six got older, I of course never aged a bit, three very important kids got taller, a new kid on the block arrived to help the other three rule the roost and they all put the happy in our new year.

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(with Kringle Coal Company on reverse side)

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  1. You are so clever with the two sided sign, but then again I knew you were clever.

    I really like the 605 on the door. I think I need to swap my old door in the guest room for one with glass so I can do fun things with it.

  2. Loved the honesty of this post!! Happy New Year to you too!! LOL!! Great projects too!! I LOVE the sign Cottage Bed and Breakfast. I always say that i turned our home into what my favorite Victorian Bed and Breakfast would look like I should make a sign staying Barna's Bed and Breakfast!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. You did a lot of great projects, Bliss! I know you must always have stuff you're working on around there! Hope 2019 is a good year for you and your family!

  4. Happy nNe Year Miss Bliss! Those babies look pretty awesome to me! What a joy. Hope your holidays didn't blow your recovery schedule! How is the shoulder?

  5. Happy New Year you rebal. I am with you about real life. I remember all these great projects. You're very clever with all you come up with.


  6. Happy February!! While I love these all, the faux boulder spa surround has to be my favorite. SPA-mazing!!


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