Thrifty Style Team Snowy March Table

Welcome to the March Thrifty Style Team celebrating SPRING.

Except for me, I'm not celebrating it yet.


What month does Spring actually start?

Heck if I know, because all of this.....

Snow Minnesota

...has to melt before Spring will arrive in my neck of the woods.

Two years ago we were doing yard work in March.


Up here in da nort, tings are diff'rent.

Sunday I woke to a couple of tings I'm not really all dat fond of, all'dough I'm use to boa't of dem.

Snow and daylight saving time.

(Did you know the correct term is SAVING time without the S?  Google it - it is not called daylight SAVINGS time.)

Snow Minnesota

I have no urge to put a pretty spring flowered wreath on any of my snowy doors.

St. Patrick's Day might be right around the corner, but there is no green to gaze at out my kitchen window, and there are no bright pastel colors here to signal that Easter's on it's way. 

My window view just has our snowy patio table hiding the body I have yet to bury.

Snow Minnesota

Minnesota broke it's February snow records, and that snow held it's ground (literally) so the next three snowstorms could pile up on top of the February stuff.  And the January stuff.

Mother Nature has been messing with us, and I haven't really been motivated to do much of anything other than stay inside and keep warm.

I can't even go over the river and through the woods because the bridge is out.....

Snow Minnesota

So if you would like to see projects with a hint of spring, you're gonna have to head over to the blogs of the other Thrifty Style Team ladies, because here at the ranch I'm busy waiting for a thaw.

However one project did get completed and crossed off my minds list this Winter.

Nothing earth shattering, a bottom shelf was added to a couple coffee tables.

The tables belonged to my mom, and 18 years ago they came to live at my house.  I didn't have any end tables so they stayed, but they have had a lot of makeovers in those 18 years.

lane end tables

They are heavy, made by Lane, and were popular back in the late 1990's.  I often see them getting makeovers on Pinterest.

For the first makeover the tops were sanded and stained a dark walnut.

Then at some point I painted both of them all black.

Lane end tables makeover,

For the next makeover, the bottoms were painted and the tops got a makeover with grooves cut into the them so it looked like individual boards, then each "board" was painted again.

Lane end tables makeover,

Lastly the base was once again painted and distressed, and the tables were topped with pallet wood.

With each redo I thought it would be nice if there was a bottom shelf.

Lane end tables makeover,

So on one snowy cold weekend (just don't ask which weekend it was, as they all sort of blend together) the man with the power tools added simple MDF shelves to each of the two side tables and I painted the shelves to match the table base in Fusion Mineral Paint,Casement.

No need to apply wax with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Lane end tables makeover with pallet wood tops,

One of the reasons I like having the bottom shelf on these is that it hides the extra cord from lamps and phone chargers.  The extra lengths can just be pushed under the shelf on the floor.

The MDF sucked the paint in and the shelves needed several coats before they could be put back into service in our family room.

Lane end tables makeover with pallet wood tops,

The pallet wood tops needed a fresh coat of sealer - it's a stinky job that lingers and currently I didn't want to bring the outdoors in by opening the windows, so the tables went out.

Cups of hot and cold things can sit right on top of these tables in our family room and tow trucks or hot wheels can drive and crash without worry, you can't really wreck pallet wood.

Lane end tables makeover with pallet wood tops,

As you can see there is nothing "Spring" like in my decorating.

Did you see the movie Fargo back in 1996?  I didn't like it, but yes people "up nort" wear hats like the kind in that movie.  For the record I didn't like the Grumpy Old Men movie either - all those years ago my younger self didn't get that kind of humor.  My old self should probably watch both those movies again.

The thaw can start anytime now, I'm ready.  Uff da.

But if not, I guess I could dust off the snow on our bedroom deck and pour myself a hot beverage to cry in.

snow minnesota

My oldest son was born the middle of April and two weeks later we had a huge snow storm.  I can't remember if any April showers brought May flowers that year, but I never consider Spring to really be here till after that time.  I don't need no groundhog! 

Check out the spring like posts from the awesome Thrifty Style Team ladies, I'm sure they won't leave you out in the cold!

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  1. Wow Bliss, that is a lot of snow!!!! I hope you thaw out soon! The tables look so cute with the added shelves!

  2. OMG I can't even!! I hate snow! We luckily didn't have much this year. Thanks again for helping me this morning! I love your tables xo

  3. I was excited to see your end tables. My husband use to be a Lane sales rep back in the 90s. When I showed him the table, he knew the collection immediately! He said that he sold a ton of these and used to "fax" the orders to Lane almost daily. Crazy, huh? You freshened version is SO much better. I am so sorry your snow is still piled high. No Bueno!

  4. I love any update that adds storage! :) It's sometimes the little things that are really the big things when you're slowly putting your home together. We're just seeing the last of our snow melt here in my part of Canada and it happened really kind of all at once this year, so I hope yours is gone in the blink of an eye too!

  5. Wow Bliss! These photos are gorgeous...So much SNOW! This table transformation is beautiful! I especially love the wood on top! It's so great getting to team up with you and the other ladies every month! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! xoxo

  6. Oh my word! I would not know what to do with myself with all that snow! Just for the record, we own one of those "Fargo" hats and we live in South Carolina! Seeing your tables gives me an idea for one of mine!

  7. It's fun to see the steps leading up to how the tables look now! I love the look! When my granddaughter looked out at the lake in January she said, "The Grumpy Old Men town is back." I need to watch that movie again, too...

  8. your so funny....even when you are not trying to be. Oh my goodness all that snow. My hubby was in your neck of the woods monday and tuesday and said there was lots of snow on the ground. I totally get not being inspired to start any spring enjoy that beverage. ps- love what you did to those tables.

  9. Bliss there are no words. To acknowledge the snow is like duh I don't know what's in my yard. I haven't done anything for spring either. Too cold to have flowers out when it grey and cold.

    When I see the forecasts for midwest I say have mercy.


  10. BRRRRR. Stay warm and the top on the table is googly heart eyes!

  11. You are hysterical! Even though you are reporting from the frozen tundra, you still managed to create beauty with your end table makeovers. Love that you added the shelves - so smart. We will be sending you sunny thoughts for a thaw to come very soon!


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