Fixing "No-Reply Blogger" on Wordpress, G+ & Blogger

I consider this post a public service announcement that benefits me.

I love my readers.  I happen to think they are the cream of the crop. 

Funny, kind, and loyal.  So for that I thank you all.

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Little French Style Table

I won't claim to know French style.

I'll just claim that I like it.

I will also claim that I don't have any of it, unless you count an old metal sign I recently took down that says Bon Appetit.

And I won't claim to have bought, painted, or incorporated this cute little table into my home either.

Painted Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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Upcycled Entertainment Center

Mission:  Find a small-ish console of some kind that is cheap, not too large and doesn't stick out too far.

Upcycled Entertainment Center

Who:  #3 kid, #2 son

What:  New wall TV needs a base without taking up precious floor space

When:  ASAP

Where:  Garage sale or thrift shop

Why:  Because mom makes cool stuff

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Winter's Coming

With the arrival of Halloween, I thought I would say good-bye to Fall in my neck of the woods.


Right from the comfort of my own yard.

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Ghosts Made With Old Kids Clothes

It's getting creepy around the ranch.

And creepy to me isn't cute. How to Make Little Ghosts

You might think this little ghost gang is cute, but I think ghosts are creepy.

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The SCARE in Scarecrow

Shock-tober wouldn't be complete without posting about our scarecrow.

If you have been around Bliss Ranch for a couple years you have probably met him before.

A few years ago, 8 apparently, in 2006 BB (Before Blogging), I decided to make a scarecrow using sheet rock mud and stuff from around the yard.

Meet Punkin Noggin.....

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Halloween Photo Booooth

Last Halloween I got it in my head that I wanted to use my Ipad and create a photo booth for our Halloween party.

Halloween Photo Booth

We had enough on our party plate and I didn't want the build to be a big process.

Basically what that means is if I want to get my way I better K.I.S.S. .... k.eep i.t s.imple s.tupid.

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Haunted Halloween Portraits

My absolute favorite Halloween project that I have ever made are Haunted Portraits  I spied from Tracy over at CrowsFeetChic.

I've made two versions of these.

The first version was inside the house for a mystery dinner party, the other was in the back shed for a large throw down the grog party.

For both projects I intermingled photos of our friends with photos from the internet, all printed in black and white or sepia.

Cracks. Me. Up. 
Haunted Portraits
The Eyes Have It

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Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

Fall.  I  love  it.  Not just a little,  a lot. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

I don't usually start to decorate till October, and when I do it normally has a spooky twist.  All those years as a Halloween party hostess I guess.

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Quick Set Concrete Pumpkins

Over at Fox Hollow Cottage I spied a guest post from Shayna at The Wood Grain Cottage for some concrete pumpkins, and I knew right away I was gonna make some.

Using quick set concrete was right up my alley since I now have three stone look walkways made using the stuff.

Quick Set Concrete Pumpkins,
Terracotta pumpkin, and thick foam light up pumpkin with his electrical gutted and removed

These are my first victims.

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