Halloween Photo Booooth

Last Halloween I got it in my head that I wanted to use my Ipad and create a photo booth for our Halloween party.

Halloween Photo Booth

We had enough on our party plate and I didn't want the build to be a big process.

Basically what that means is if I want to get my way I better K.I.S.S. .... k.eep i.t s.imple s.tupid.

So I didn't ask for anything elaborate.  Brawn built an easy frame, 3 1/2 feet wide x 5 feet long and stapled black poly taut on the outside.  (To the right in the photo below, not the left.)

He cut out a door because it's a good idea to be able to get in and out of it don't 'ya think?

Halloween Photo Booth Bliss-Ranch.comI stood and watched, at least till it was time to make a sign that would glow under the black lights.

The sign is made on a scrap of that thin luan wood because that's what I had, letters painted in white with a ring of glow in the dark paint inside them.

Halloween Photo Booth

For me Halloween is often about using what we already have.

I like the props to look old and creepy, I mean it's not like I plan on using them year round.... or in broad daylight.

The curtains on the photo booth door are reused old lacy style semi-sheer panels of different sizes.  At one time they were spray painted with a pumpkin face.

I know that middle curtain hung backwards would drive most people nuts.  Like it is me right now as I type this.  They are hung on a tree branch and Brawn screwed the branch directly to the frame, so I just left it.  $0 cost.

Doesn't matter, ain't no one named Martha in my party shed!

The back ground of the photo booth was an old barn door and we literally looked around the shed and hung what we gathered on it.

Halloween Photo Booth

Those are old tire chains we had from a motor home trip to Lake Tahoe 14 years ago.  I vaguely remember fearing we would plummet off the side of a mountain and freeze to death in the snow.

Halloween Photo Booth

I picked up three $1.00 Dollar Store pictures, those kind that change before your eyes between normal looking people and hideous, and hung them on the inside-side of the photo booth for a little atmos-fear.

My Ipad had a little ledge built in the frame that it slipped into, you could not take it out from inside of the photo booth but you could get to all the buttons that were needed.

Halloween Photo Booth

I realized as we set the booth up that instructions were a good idea so I just chalked the steps out on a piece of black foam core board and we attached it over the ipad frame.

It's a follow the numbers type thing.

Previously I downloaded the Pocket Booth app from the itunes store for .99¢ so we took a break from shed cleaning/decorating to play around with it and make sure it worked.

The photo strip can be set to take less or more photos.  I thought three looked the way I remembered an old time photo booth to be.

You have to add a light bulb in the booth, even though the ipad makes a flash noise it won't prevent your picture from turning out dark from no light.  Duh.

You also have to mess with the placement of the bulb so when someone sticks their head in the door they don't look like a glowing monster, even though that is appropriate around Halloween.

Halloween Photo Booth

The requirement for this photo booth was that it had to be easy to operate, and I wanted a black and white film option.  The Pocket Booth app fit the bill, and saying it was a ton of fun is an understatement.

Don't I look like I'm having fun in that test photo?  No?  That look is my expression for "am I doing this dammm thing right?" .

To reiterate;
I wanted the illusion of an actual photo booth.... the app had to have photo flash sounds like a real photo booth, and at the end I wanted the film strip to drop down into a virtual slot on the ipad screen where guests could email it to themselves.

Halloween Photo Booth

I included a few props in a box, mostly just chalkboard paddles that people could hold if they wanted to chalk a message, because really what props do you need when you're already dressed in a costume?

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  1. You throw a fantastic party. This is such a great idea.

  2. Yep. Still the Queen. You amaze me.


  3. I am so happy that you didn't plummet off the side of the mountain and freeze death, Where would we have found this amazing idea?

  4. The bottom are simply amazing! This is one party I wish I didn't have to miss! I would be playing it up in the photo booth for sure!

  5. How fun! This is the coolest photo booth EVER!! Wow, what a party.

  6. You have the best ideas. THE BEST.

  7. Y'all just CRACK me up with your ALL OUT for Halloween! How much fun!
    xo Heidi

  8. You come up with the best stuff for Halloween. This came out really good and what a fantastic idea. I'm generally not a Halloween person. Never have been but if I hung with you girl I would be, you make it so much fun plus I wouldn't have a choice, LOL.


  9. So when they go in the booth it's easy to figure out? Even for a dodo like me?

  10. This is absolutely fabulous.

  11. Oh my gosh, you amaze me. WAY too much fun and I so wish I could show up. Yours is THE party Bliss. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. :)

  12. wow! y'all sure do know how to have fun!!!! so clever and creative!

  13. I never would've known how to set that thing up like you did. You are so smart! I can tell you love Halloween!

  14. Every one of these posts just gets better, Bliss...I agree with ARE the Queen. Period.

  15. All hail the Halloween Queen!!!!!

  16. You two are just so creative, it's awesome!


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