Baking With Bliss, German Chocolate Cake

I will start this post with my usual disclaimer * I am not a food blogger, I am a food eater*.

I cook.  I eat.  And I do plenty of both.

I do not enjoy taking photos of the steps involved to do either of those things, but sometimes when a recipe is worth passing along I've just gotta do it.

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Not being a food blogger means several things.....

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Fusion Paint Brush Cleaner

Scold me if you must, but I'm one of those lazy paint brush cleaner uppers and I don't take good care of my paint brushes.

On a good day I tend to just drop them in a tin can of water that contains other paint from other brushes.

And then I leave them.

Naughty paint brush owner.

Fusion Brush Soap,

If I ... think I might plan on possibly maybe some day eventually ... using the same brush with the same paint, I will stick it in a fold top sandwich bag.

For eternity.

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Route 66 Stencils

Three years ago, and three months into my experience with blogging, there was this challenge over at Debbie-Doos blog called the Magazine Copycat Challenge.

I loved it.

The idea was to find something out of a magazine to be duplicated.

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Tale of Two Playdough Recipes

I'm a playdough maker from way back.  31 years to be exact.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe

I've used the same recipe all 31 of those years, given to me by my BFF.

Over the years I tried a couple different ones, but always came back to the one she gave me - it was the best I tried and never failed me.

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Where Are They Now... At The Ranch

This throw back Thursday I decided to write a "where are they now" post..... as in how are a few things from past posts fairing today or how is a new product I've received holding up.

I'll go two years back, one year ago, and one month ago.

First up is the oldie that I can't refer to as a goodie.  It's the one project I lay awake at night thinking about and not in a good way. 

Vintage Building
Our vintage barber shop building that you can read about {here}.

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So I Married A Creative ___?___.

It's a blog hop where 18 of us gave spouses the opportunity to spill their guts.

Ever wonder what the spouse behind the blogger has to say?
In my case he's the hands or feet in blog photos.

Some spouses might have clammed up when asked questions.

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Vintage Mailbox Towel Holder

For throw back Thursday I'm revisiting a post about my boys bathroom.  I guess I am going to need to do an update too, because the signs have all been taken down and a blank wall awaits me to make something new.

I'm going to boldly go where no woman should go - my boys bathroom -  so I can show you the vintage mailbox I turned into a towel holder.

16 years ago.

I thought I was being so stylish and unique.

Vintage Mailbox Turned Towel Holder

I'm pretty sure everyone who saw it thought I was odd hanging an old mailbox anywhere, let alone in a bathroom.

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Mayo Haters Coleslaw

I'm not a fan of mayo. 

I'm president of the I Hate Mayonnaise Club.  At least I thought I was till I Googled it and found out there is a real club for mayo haters with someone who says they are the prez, so I'm not alone.

There is like a whole underground of mayo haters out there.

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Corn-hole Game #2

When I made a beanbag toss game last summer for our yard I also got a great idea.

Make some as gifts for family.

That sounds easy and doable in July, but by the time December rolled around I could tell with all the other projects we were working on that those weren't going to happen.

So instead I took the pair that my son in law uses and built years ago, and gave them a make over.

This is how they started......

Custom Bean Bag Yard Toss Corn Hole,

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Throw Back Thursday Valentines Copy Cat Vignette

I'm going on my own little trip down blogging memory lane.  

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette
Since it's Throw Back Thursday, as well as the day before Valentines Day, I decided to revisit one of my first posts.

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