Route 66 Stencils

Three years ago, and three months into my experience with blogging, there was this challenge over at Debbie-Doos blog called the Magazine Copycat Challenge.

I loved it.

The idea was to find something out of a magazine to be duplicated.

Around the same time, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors had a Route 66 cabinet featured in a magazine and I took one look at it and knew that was what I wanted to duplicate.

And I did.  The hard way.

The hard way involved doing what I knew at the time - printing out multiple sheets of paper to combine large enough for the big graphic I was making, and taping them together to make the one large template.

I already owned the cabinet (minus the door), so that was easy.

Graphite paper was used underneath the template with tracing over the whole design to have the markings right on the project.

Then I had to paint the design inside the lines, the biggest challenge of all.

It's always been hard for me to stay in the lines, but not read between 'em.

Fast forward three years and now I want to share something with you to make your duplicating life a whole lotta easier.......

Donna has stencils now for all you folks who want your own Route 66 cabinet, and want to do it the easy way.  Click the link above and it will take you to her store to find what stencils she has for sale.  New stencils will be available as she creates them.

Route 66 comes in two sizes, although maybe not the size of Alaska like my template!

She has all the tutorials you need on the Funky Junk Interiors blog to head you on down highway 66 and stencil your way to coolness, and you can see other cool things she has made with her stencils, like this BINGO board.
Funky Junk Interiors Bingo Board Stencil
I'm not complaining about how my cabinet turned out, I was pretty proud that my first attempt at painting something had me actually able to accomplish it.  But it took me hours of work creating, transferring and painting my version.  The whole process made me think I would never again DIY something like that.

I'm happy I've come a long way since then and so have my techniques.

But I sure don't like to reinvent the wheel, especially when it has to do with math and figuring out how to enlarge graphics to print out the size I want.

So do yourself a favor - go the easy *route* - with a stencil you can reuse again and again.

If you want to read how I took the long way and made my Route 66 copycat cabinet click {here}.

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  1. LOL- THAT was quite an undertaking with that size graphic. Donna does such a good service with those stencils. Yours looks great no matter how much hard work it was. xo Diana

  2. Be still my heart: Route 66. Love your cabinet, but who doesn't wish for easier?? Must get me one of those stencils!!

  3. Everyone needs one of those stencils... and the other ones are beautiful too! I love your cabinet even if you did it the hard way!

  4. I just checked out her shop...very cool indeed!! But coming from someone who stenciled her entire backsplash, only to cover it up with tile, stenciling isn't always the easiest route.... :/


  5. Oh girl... you are too kind!

    I loved your take and was so honoured to have been chosen your copy! But know? MY cabinet was way too much work too! :)

    I didn't think I could be swayed from the vinyl decal stencils until my vinyl cutter broke down. My signs now take 10 min to make vs 4 hours!

    I prefer easy too! :)

  6. That cabinet is still one of my all time favorite pieces of redo in furniture! I love anything Route 66 especially since it runs right thru Tulsa. You did such a great job and it is original.


  7. I'm glad that you've fine tuned your painting skills now. Now you can whip these bad boys out in your sleep!

  8. Still love that cabinet, B. But then I love all your cabinets, boxes, signs,etc. If you made it, I love it!
    Heading to Donna's to check it out.

  9. I agree Bliss! I love the cabinet with all the blood sweat and tears. Thank God for progress! I still stencil the hard way. I've got to do better! Heading over to Donna's.

  10. I read this on my phone or ipad last night. I swore I commented...glad I came back to check. I had no idea you did all that for the challenge. At least, I don't remember it being that difficult because you make everything look so effortless that you do. Thank God for Stencils. I would be nothing without them!

  11. The stencils are a great idea (I checked them out and loved them all) but sometimes there might not be a handy stencil to suit one's needs and look at the great results you can achieve with a few photocopies !
    I love that timber wall behind your cabinet, not sure I noticed that first time around.

  12. I have to tell yo, I think you did an amazing job. Your kids are so fortunate to have a mom that cares and loves her kids and is super talented


  13. I love your cabinet--you did a great job!

    Donna selling stencils... how fabulous is that!


  14. Your cabinet turned out awesome! How fun she is making stencils...headed over to take a look!

  15. yep - your knock-off was excellent. But a stencil would be so much faster. I love that bingo stencil!

  16. I remember that challenge of Debbie's! Your cabinet came together very nicely. I bet it took a lot of patience.

  17. Hey! Look at me actually finding time to read a blog! And it's yours! This is a fantastic copy cat! I may have to copy it myself if I find the right cabinet! Way to go, Bliss!

  18. I saw these stencils on Donna's blog. They are wonderful and much different than anything else that's out there now. Your cabinet still rocks! I see it on Pinterest every now and then.


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