Silver Mirror with Fusion Gilding Paste

I've decided never to buy anything new again.

Wait.... I decided that years ago, back when people looked at my creations sideways and probably rolled their eyes when I wasn't looking, as I hung yard junk on our walls.

I guess not everyone finds parts of a wrought iron fence or an old gate all that attractive.

But mirrors, well they are sort of universal.

Everyone has at least one mirror even if it's just in their bathroom, and new mirrors can be pricey, so I'm always on the look-out for second hand ones.

This mirror came from a garage sale.  I don't really remember what color it was when I first brought it home, a five dollar find I thought was a good price for glass.

At some point I rubbed some red paint across the brown frame.  Don't ask why because I don't remember, and I didn't much like it either, so I took the mirror off the wall and stuck it in the closet.

That update attempt was before I turned into a painting fiend.

These days I believe just about anything can be given a new life with some simple paint techniques.

If I can do it anyone can.

I gave the mirror a coat of Fusion Paint in Lampwork.  The color has a light hint of gray which is hard to tell in the photo, and the mirror looks better already.

But my house isn't a landscape of crisp bright white or very pale gray, so this mirror hanging on my wall in that color, would look out of place.

I covered the white with a layer of black which I wiped back off in most spots, then a coat of brown wax which I also wiped back, then I buffed over it all with some Fusion silver gilding paste.

The browns and blacks stayed in all the nooks and crannies with just a touch of the white showing through topped with the shiny silver.

By the time I was done it had all the warm tones I needed, with a worn silver industrial color I tend to like.

 Mirror mirror on the wall, I like you silver best of all.

I put it back up on a wall, even if only a temporary spot. In the reflection of the mirror is my clock knockoff, which I just noticed is at about the same time as last March when I staged the clock in the makeover photo below, just backwards because of it being a reflection.  Weird huh?

For all the details on how I turned a regular clock into a knock off of one that sells for over $200, click {here}.

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  1. it looks beautiful! i am always for a touch of metallic!

  2. I recognized the look you were going for and think it turned out fabulous. My house is like yours and I find it frustrating that the grays and whites that look so good on other's walls just don't make it on mine. Hoping you might be able to address this issue in the future as I haven't a clue why it happens.

  3. Gilding paste..must check this out!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that frame!! and the clock looks fab too.

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I LOVE gilding paste! It can change the look of anything. That mirror is just gorgeous now---so much better. Love your clock too-GREAT knockoff- xo Diana

  6. What a transformation! Great job!


  7. Love the layered colours! It looks perfectly aged with an industrial flair. I will have to try the Fusion Gilding Paste. I have a large white mirror in our living room (that was previously an $8 gold garage sale find) and it could use an interesting finish. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I will admit that I don't know Fusion products, however I do have an issue with a mirror. As in, I need one for over my sink in the new bathroom. Maybe I'll look for an old one to update.

  9. Love the new colors on the frame...I have a mirror I did for the upstairs bath many years ago...I have really disliked it ever since. Time to do a DIY again. I have paint in similar colors to yours...think I will give it a try. You constantly amaze that cute clock!

  10. Yes, the silver is certainly best of all! And thanks for the reminder about your AMAZING clock! Love, love that piece!!!

    :) Linda

  11. Not everyone likes old iron fences and gates hanging on walls? They would not approve of my house...
    Your mirror turned out just right.

  12. The mirror turned out beautifully, Bliss...and I've always loved that clock! Painting fiend...I like that job description...we should add it to our resumes.

  13. What is this magical gilding paste? Will toothpaste work instead? That's all I got....


  14. Great job Bliss, what brand of gilding wax? I will be checking it out. You're so right mirrors are expensive


  15. Fusion duh on my part


  16. Never heard of the stuff.. looks great though. I still love that clock too.

  17. I love the makeover you gave that mirror. I've been known to paint mirror frames a lot too. You're right about new ones being expensive!

  18. Very pretty and definitely more you now that it's been Blissified!

  19. Warm tones and metallic, a Bliss specialty!! It's lovely

  20. Looking at the reflection in the mirror (coz you know I'm nosy) I can see that the dining room ties together perfectly with your chairs, clock, chandelier and now the mirror.
    I just told a friend to silver leaf a mirror (which technically means that I'd do it) but actually gilding paste would be much quicker and looks just as good, I might look for some.

  21. Pretty mirror transformation Bliss. You're so creative with the paint.... I'm so boring. :(

    love your "new" mirror!



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