Hanging Laundry Hampers

There is a Jack & Jill bathroom shared by a certain five and eight year old, and 'ya know.... they wear clothes and those clothes need a resting place before the duds hit the suds.

Not that I know a thing or two about dirty clothes - although there were at least a few of my six kids that did actually make it a habit to wear clean ones.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Hanging Laundry Hampers with Graphic,

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Desserts From Pinterest - Two Winners

Like I do every time I start a post about food I must once again announce....

Bliss-Ranch Not A Food Blogger Graphic

If you are just joining me here at Bliss Ranch, what that means is I've cooked and baked more than my fair share, but when the food is done I want to get right to the tasting, and while you won't usually find me taking pretty photos of my grub, it doesn't mean I don't know how to cook.

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Refreshed And Updated Front Porch Walkway

Over the years our front porch steps and walkway have seen a lot of use.

Everything from little kids chalking on hopscotch squares and spilling their bubble blowing soap mixture, to bikes and foot traffic.

And then there were those couple years of duck doo from the crapping quackers.

The walkway and porch started out getting a fresh coat of sealer seasonally - usually in the Spring -  and in it's first years of life it looked wonderful, but 20 years later not so much.

From time to time the exposed aggregate also received an acid wash to clean things off, like rust stains from hard water dripping when the hose was left leaking.

But when repeated rough winters caused a long crack in the walkway and some sinking, it was time to give the walk an affordable fix that would revive it.

Conrete Stain Front Porch Step Walkway before after

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How To Sew An Envelope Pillow

I know what you're thinking after reading the post heading.... no way, Bliss didn't make a pillow, she can't sew!

You're right.  I have something special for you in more ways than one.

The person is special.  The fact that she is guest posting is special.

I put out a call for some guest posts - long time readers know I do quite a few of those myself - and when I need a hand I know just who to ask.

But first I've gotta fill 'ya in on the state of affairs around the Ranch.......

You see we have company coming in a couple weeks and it's time to get serious about some things around here.

Like painting that Jack & Jill bathroom remodel we started months ago.  Or sealing the grout on the awesome South Cypress subway shower tile so people can actually shower in it.

South Cypress Gray Subway Tile Pfister Faucet, Bliss
Also sealing the poured concrete counter tops.  Washing the rest of the haze off the floor tiles.... hanging mirrors, electrical for lights, finish the plumbing, you get the idea - the list goes on and on.

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Don't Toss Your Worn Out Welcome Mat

Welcome to July's
And boy do I really mean the welcome part this month, in fact, I'm putting out the whole welcome mat for you!

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Farmhouse Cement Plank Patio Table, Part 2

Our family is growing.  I'm not getting any older of course.

What started out as a couple of young newlyweds building a life, turned into a large family of eight.  Six kids - four boys and a couple girls.

The oldest two flew the nest, and then the family grew by a daughter and son in law, and eventually two grand kids arrived.

This August another little peanut will debut as #1 Daughter and that son in law I mentioned start their family.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

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Cement Plank Farmhouse Patio Table

Math fact - most patio tables will not seat the amount of people that my family needs to seat for a meal outdoors.

Which actually means most tables won't do that for a price I'm willing to pay.

Cement Plant Topped Farmhouse Patio Table,

And then there is the fact that if something I desire can be made by the man with the power tools, basically that adds up to I won't be making a purchase of the item even if I found an affordable one I liked.

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Painted Pond Fish

I get a lot of my ideas from fellow bloggers. 

You know how someone can look at something and see it in a new light, update it, and the next thing you know you're looking at something similar that you own and thinking, hey I can do that!

That was the case with this old scaly chipping fish decoration that I had setting next to our pond for ten years, and I'm going to show you how easy it is to update something with a fresh coat of paint.

Update an old fish with Fusion Mineral Paint,

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Powder Coated Steel Pond Bridge....From A Garage Sale

On a recent outing with daughter #2, cruising around at some city wide garage sales in I don't even remember what town, there was nothing extraordinary going on even though we did have two large furniture pieces stuffed into the back of my vehicle.

One for me, one for her.

We came to a house that had a mattress set and a sea of pink kids clothes in the yard, and as I hit the gas to keep on going I saw it....  

is that a pond bridge sitting among-est their sale items? 

Before I even got out of the car I decided the odds were against me finding the one thing we really could use, at of all places... someones garage sale.

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