What's on your toilet?

Call them what you want (I won't go into all the slang terms) but we all have one, or two, or in my case, more..... a toilet

As a young woman with a multi butt family I thought how great it would be to have all these bathrooms in our new home.  They're still great to have, cause when 'ya gotta go, 'ya gotta go.... but the joy (if there ever was) of cleaning all of those resting rooms has long since wore off.  

The kids are old enough now to keep their own bathrooms stocked and cleaned (ha ha cleaned).  So I thought as I replenished the main floor with supplies I'd check on them all to find out......
 "Just What's on Their Toilet?".

Toilet Paper on Toilet

Above is the bathroom of my daughter. 

Where did the cute spare toilet paper holder go that I bought?
Apparently these days for her spare she has opted for minimalism - the Naked Roll

The princess has a window next to her throne.  I opened the shade while I was there.  Me thinks that shade has not been opened for a long long dirty time.

Old Wood Crate Toilet Paper Holder

Here we have the master bath supply.  Rolls in triplicate.

I don't like to run around looking for the spare.

Did you know there was a great toilet paper scare in the '70's?  It didn't matter if the shortage was real or not, my parents weren't taking any chances.  I swear my mother had a whole closet full of just toilet paper.

And that crate is wise beyond it's years.

It is also wasted in this bathroom - no one sees it.  Time for a move?

Racoon Skin & Pottery Toilet Back

Guest bathroom. 

Raccoon skin.

Homemade pottery by the same daughter who exposes her roll.  A full size Charmin doesn't fit into the pottery, so half way thru a roll I change it out because the pottery one is always empty. 

In fact, I do that a lot, because as every mom knows...

Mud Room Bathroom

The mud room bath.  

One of the most used.  

Conveniently located by the exit to the garage, and the side entry from the front yard.

Years ago when my home had lots of emerald green, I picked up that glass jar at a garage sale.  I don't have green anymore, (as you can see from the photos I'm afraid of color and all the rooms from bath to bed, are some shade of greige) so I reused this jar as a spare roll holder.  It works great, and a full roll fits.

Our choice of reading material is a long standing joke around here, and I might add it's a well read book by guests.

We have a re-purposed ice tong toilet paper holder in the mud room bath. 

I did a test a few weeks ago to see how long before someone re-stocked this room.

It didn't happen. 

They just went to another available bathroom and eventually I re-stocked it myself.

Toilet Tongs Paper Holder,

Last of the Bliss Ranch Five (which sounds like bank robbers from an old western movie) is the boys facilities.  

I think the sign by their toilet explains their view on stocking necessaries.

They used to have a galvanized bin that held the spare.  

I don't know where that bin is now and I'm not gonna ask 'cause I'm not the boss of them'.

Boys Bathroom

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  1. Cute post! I also hope you'll join us in the "Impossibilities" challenge and Jan. 31 link party. Here's the scoop ...

    ... and if you blog about your challenge, come back and share the link with me in the comments thread so I can feature it over the weekend (and/or on Monday) ...


    1. I think the impossibility right now is to think I could enter a challenge. That would be a challenge of a challenge!

  2. I got one, with a naked roll on top !
    Sorry, I'm letting down the female race.
    But I've got the old geezer well trained, at least he replaces the old roll - I guess he has to in this household !

    1. Well as long as there's a spare naked or not!

  3. Anonymous1/18/2012

    Love it! Great post!! And I'm in love with the repurposed ice tong holder!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and leaving your great comments! I wanted to make sure you got my replies, so I'll copy and paste them here for you:
    I did not know I'm a genius, but thank you!! It’s fantastic that my post helped you! It was a light bulb moment for me too, when I realized how I could transfer the words… kinda brings back elementary school days, doesn’t it?!
    About the Distress Ink: I do love using it. It’s so easy to use, and is more defining than other methods I’ve tried. It’s cool too that it comes in many colors, so you can work it into your project… I wish it came in a bit of a different shape, though, a little more 3D. It would reach more areas. For me, it is now on my list of loves, however, I could do without it, just by using paint or dark wax… If you have a Michaels coupon though, you could get it for much cheaper that the 8.99 price tag. You find it in the scrapbooking section, by the way! Took me forever to find it!!
    Take care, and thanks so much for visiting, and your awesome comments!!

    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

    1. Just added the Distress stuff to the list I have going from all the blogs I have visited today. I feel refreshed getting into this blogging. When my kids were young I crafted, made stuff, reused, redid, repurposed, you name it - everything. I don't do it as much anymore and I think it was a part of me that was missing. I'm kinda feeling like I'm meeting an old friend within myself. Just the desire and want to create feels great!

  4. OMG this is such a funny post. lol

    No one but me changes the roll either. I make sure there is always extra toilet paper in the loos just to be sure. :-)


    1. I know! Seriously, they will take out a new roll, but how hard is it to put it on the holder?

  5. Anonymous1/19/2012

    We used to leave naked rolls laying around until we started waking up to them all torn and shredded to pieces. Toilet paper is expensive. Cat nip is not. Thus no more naked , vulnerable rolls to be found....

    What a great funny post!!

  6. You are SO SO funny. I'm laughing my sides off. The top of your toilet(s) are very important subjects. I am SO glad you decided to address it. All of them are so darn cute and clever. To me the top of the toilet is for things like magazines and spare rolls. But a fur isn't too bad a thought. (big smile) Bliss you are such a nut and I just love you to death.


  7. This is HILARIOUS! Thank you for making me laugh! And Thank you for sharing at the Kiss &Tell party over at my place! {Love the tongs and the high explosives danger made me laugh out loud}

    By the way, you have word verification on {sometimes folks don't realize that}. If you're interested, I have a post that shows how to turn it off to make it easier for your fans to tell you how much they love your humor.

  8. Had such a great time with this I just had to feature you over at I Gotta Create! Thanks again for linking up :)

  9. Hi Bliss, great to meet a lady with such a fine sense of humour. Thanks so much for the chuckle. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. That TP holder is such a winner! I love it, Where can I find an ice tong? I had to laugh about moving to another bathroom... nobody ever changes the rolls in my house either!

  11. Linky following... stop by Homeroad when you get the chance :)

  12. Where can I get a fur for my toilet? ha!

  13. My kids never change out the empty rolls either and I have a basket full of toilet paper next to the holder. What's up with that?! Love your ice tong holder!

  14. Very funny! I'm the only one who changes the empty roll too! I have 2 African Violets on top of my toilet tank, but I like your crate, and your ice tongs!


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