My Spring Spray Painted Coke Cans

So over at DebbieDoos she always does cute stuff with things from the dollar store.  Honestly every time I go I don't see anything cute to do anything with!  I must have a dud for a local store.  Anyway, Debbie took tin can's and put some real flowers in and it looked pretty so I thought welllllll I can do thatttt......  .  Cept I didn't have any tin cans other than coke cans.  And I didn't have any real flowers because as you can see from beyond the window it's frozen outside.  So I swished the dead bug off the window ledge and put my painted-coke-can-fake-flowers up and they really do brighten it up.  Notice the piece of paper towel under the blue can on the left.  I have wet blue rings of paint on my counter right now, guess it puddled on the bottom of the can because the rest was dry.  I purchased a bunch of the dollar store flowers for a buck.  I don't know who drank the coke, nor left the can's lay in the garage.  I sort of laughed at this little project, because no talent was required, but I find myself glancing at the pretty colors every time I walk by.  Spring is coming my friends, even if it's fake flowers in soda cans.

I linked up to Thrifty Decorating for Thrifty Thursday, because it doesn't get any thriftier than dollar store flowers and used soda cans! 

Linking up for fun, and sort of to laugh at my craftiness at 
Ginas Spring-tacular craft party @RandomThoughts

I have a guest post today over with Kelli at Eat, Pray {Read}, Love.  She used to be MoreBangForYourBuck till she realized that didn't really reflect her loves, so she changed the name and with that came a new spark for her to really love what she is writing.

As I read other blogs I often find a common thread.  We don't just feed our decorating souls, we also nourish our spiritual ones.  So for another side of Bliss with out any sarcasm or humor (I think?) take in the post on Kelli's Old and Young Wives Tales.  

And for something rare.... as in a Blogging World FIRST... you can see a photo of my kids.

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  1. Uh oh. A serious Bliss with kid photos. Must check that out ...



  2. Thank you SO much for the post. I love that you can be absolutely hilarious and then very inspiring! :)

  3. There you go, I love that you used what you had already! Love your color choices too Bliss, how happy:)! I am going to check out that blog now.

  4. Oh and thanks for the shout out!~

  5. Wow, a Bliss post with no humour (off to check it out), but thankfully Bliss is up there, where she swished a bug off the window ledge and left blue rings on the counter !!!

  6. However spring comes, I'll take it!

  7. Blissly, your cans are delightful. If you hadn't told me they were coke cans then I would have never known. So glad you took the bug off, but they'd look fine with the little dead body I'm sure. Well girlfriend, you're just getting in to all this 'fancy' decorating! And with those cute cans and flowers well...spring looks like its already arrived at your house.

    Hugs my cute friend!


  8. Now don't take this the wrong way, but WHY does this not surprise me that you would use soda cans for your craft project? Ha! I actually think it looks very cute and even cuteer knowing that it was once a soda can. Hopefully, Spring will be coming (for real) at your house sooner rather than later.

  9. Delightful cans you have. So cute you could pass them off as expensive vases!

  10. Maybe it's the photo editing, but the "Coke Can Faux Flowers" photo is quite artistic!! Looks like a county fair blue ribbon for sure! Let me know.

    pssst. Even if the fly was in the picture you can use "retouch" to make it disappear. Don't ask me how I know.

  11. You are so funny, Bliss! The cans really ARE cute and love the paper towel, keepin' it real, coaster! I hope spring is coming...we are coated in ice and it is pouring rain...

  12. Hey there, Bliss! Thanks for popping by Decor & More! Glad to have found you... love the cans; a nice pop of spring. Have to say I'm a little jealous of your frozen world -- we have had NO winter here in Atlanta. I just want a snow day...or two. :)
    Looking forward to connecting with you ~ Heidi :)

  13. Hi Bliss,

    Your so creative and your soda cans are so cute!!!


  14. Great guest post and great to see the family!! Those coke can vases are too cute! They add the right touch of color to the icy scene outside.

  15. What a fun idea to welcome spring, thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by to see us too!

  16. I'm so glad that Spring is around the corner, it's already March 1st! Wow. Great idea for the cans, those colors and flowers definitely do brighten that shot up! Love it!

  17. How did I miss this? Ack...so cute! And I am totally stalking your blog. and you DO have good stuff even if I don't comment. I am just going a bit insane at the moment and finding time to do more then read my favorite blogs isn't happening. But you are cool, you are awesome, and you stuff is always great!

  18. These are really great! I love the colors that you chose for the cans. Isn't it funny when something so simple can add so much "happy" to a space? I love that!
    Thanks for joining my craft party!

  19. These are so cute, and I love the colors!

    Ricki Jill

  20. These are pretty! I love the colors. Unfortunately, I am helpless with spray paint. In fact, spray paint and I are mortal enemies....haha.
    Fake flowers are cool too: no pollen dropping on our window seal, you don't have to add water, and best of all, they never die!

  21. Did you just simply use regular spray paint to do these soda cans? Did it adhere just fine or were there any problems?


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