Occasional Sale Finds

Yesterday my oldest daughter and I went to a great town that hosts 15 occasional sales.  We thought we would be gone a few hours, and it turned into all day.  She's hooked.  She got a great farm style coffee table, an old crate and I forget what else.  She proudly marched her wares into her house discussing their price and uniqueness with her husband.  Me on the other hand did this......
Treasure Keeping a Low Profile

I left mine in the car to bring in this morning when I could be all alone with my thoughts.... and no guilt for buying stuff we didn't need.  Brawn never makes me feel guilty, it's just a natural occurrence as I totter on being a hoarder.

I got two baskets, a very heavy metal yellow bin and an apple cider jug that is actually for Halloween.  (More on that at the bottom).

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with any of it, except the cider jug, although it was too cute to just toss in with the fall decorations out of sight at this time of year, so I hung it on the wall for now.
Can't WAIT to use this jug (hear me cackle)

The yellow bin will probably go outside with flowers in it once spring gets here, but for now it is in the cedar porch holding some fake ones.  Just one of those sneaky tactics.... place the new found treasure in some unused space in the house, then when Brawn notices it say "oh I've had that for years".

Probably held toxic chemicals

I love the long basket and actually had several spots I wanted to use it, but opted for a bathroom.  Brawn will notice it, and hardly say much other than "you got a new basket".  No guilt for me.
  The only item I am not thrilled with once I got it home was the only item I thought I knew what I wanted to do with it.  The large basket didn't work out in either of the spots I hoped to hang it.  So for the sake of getting it off the floor (and out of view?) it is now on the pot rack holding pestles that I had just taken out of baskets hanging on the pot rack!  It was like double the work.  Until I get hit with some inspiration for that basket it will be hanging there collecting dust.

About the Apple Cider Jug
There is a wicked beverage that only comes out at our annual Halloween party called Apple Pie.  Some friends make it.  You can't taste the alcohol in it and it's swigged from a jug.  Lets just say I can't wait to add this jug to the swigg'in.

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  1. Okay, SO jealous. I might need to know where this undisclosed sale location is?? Hmmmm??? Care to share???? ;D I do the same thing with furniture. "where'd we get that?" "Oh, honey, I bought that forever ago, you remember, it's just been in the basement this whole time". (don't tell him though!) Love your finds, a bit of a hoarder myself! ~Lori

  2. Adore all your great finds!

  3. Love the basket for the bathroom idea. If I didn't already have Ikea shelves there, I would steal that idea!

  4. Love your new old treasures and love your cow picture.

  5. Hi Bliss ... you sound just like me, but I am running out of hiding places for the stuff I bring home. Hubs does not always notice, because I have so much. I love your cider Jug and the way you used the basket in the bath.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. Okay, I'm jealous! You picked up some great items! I'm lovin' the wire baskets! Especially the one in the bathroom! That jug is fabulous! And the yellow container. I have something similar that is made from a sign, I never thought of using it that way. I'm gonna have to get it back out. Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Hey Bliss~those are all awesome finds! If you ever want to part with the yellow bin~well, you know how to contact me:)

  8. REALLY fun the basket hanging behind the potty :) And I just happen to have 3 green bins just like your yellow bin out on my front porch! My hubby got them on an auction and he "thought" he was going to use them to store stuff in his garage...imagine that??? Once I spotted them, they were all mine :) Chat soon, Laurel

  9. Sounds like a really fun time! Those baskets are everywhere now. I love them!

  10. Hey Bliss. Wonderful finds! Can you send me some of that "apple pie" when you get it? I'll even give you a jug to fill up... sounds like my kinda pie.

  11. Awesome finds! I Love the basket on the wall in your bathroom.
    What a wonderful idea!

  12. Great finds! Apple pie, huh? My sister makes it, puts a fancy label on the bottles, and hands it out as a holiday gift.

  13. Ooooooh! I'd say you did very well. I love the wire baskets AND the jug!

  14. Love the yellow tin box and the apple cider jug. Actually all of your purchases could find a place in my house!

    My oldest daughter and I attended a monthly sale on Saturday for a "few hours", which also turned into an all day outing. Time flies when you're having fun!

  15. You picked up some great finds! Love the wire basket above the I want one! LOL

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  16. Love all your 'stuff'...can I go with you next time?

  17. You scored some great stuff there. I love the baskets. So nice to go shopping and thrifting with your daughter. I miss that aspect of living far away from my Mom. We have so much fun together doing that stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Dear Bliss, I would just like to add, SCORE! And I totally get your "sneaky tactics" .... I do the very same thing with my treasures. Love your blog, you have a nice place here.

  19. Love ALL the 'stuff' you got - would love to come along too, on your next shopping trip !

  20. I am in love with that yellow bin. I have way too many baskets but I keep buying them. Have fun with your new 'stuff'!

  21. Love your SALE FINDS! The long basket is my favorite. Looks like you can mark the day as SUCCESSFUL.

    Thanks for popping by Willow Creek today. Love that you have crates in your laundry room. I think adding some burlap hangers would make it look awesome. Post pictures when you do. I want to see it!

  22. Ooooooohhhhh! I'm almost green with envy over all your treasures you found. Where is that market you went to? That was one great thing I loved about KY, it wasn't too far to go anywhere around there. Haven't found diddly here in CO. We have a few overpriced antique stores which aren't open that much and never have any antique shows anywhere here (Grand Junction, CO). We live west of Junction about 20 miles. For somebody like me that loves vintage, used, and antique stuff it's very dull for me. If it wasn't for all you excellent talented bloggers I'd be really bored. Sure glad to have found your blog, love the projects you make, I'm really inspired.

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