I Resolve to......

I resolve to:


Please head over to 551 East Furniture Design for this weeks 'Tis The Season link party and link up your own resolutions.

The party started on the 2nd.  It's now the 4th.  Hence my resolution.  Bliss Ranch's party is on the 9th, hope I make it.

Then on the 5th, stop in with Stacey at EmbracingChange for favorite furniture makeovers (this is a change from the original party host).  LOOOKIE LOOOOKIE.... I'm early for that one, I am so on top of my resolution!

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  1. I'm always late for the link parties too!!

  2. I'm a middle of the road kinda gal. Sometimes I'm L2P and other times I'm the first in line. Hey but at least I show up :)

  3. Let me know how the truncating goes. I am not going to truncate unless it's easy.

  4. Be on time, huh? So we will be missing out on the post when you show up a week late for Christmas party planning committees? Darn!

  5. Better late than never???

  6. Ah, still working on my resolutions... good luck with yours!!
    xo Heidi

  7. Oh good for you Bliss! I made not one resolution this year. I didn't pick a word either. And I am forever late to link now.

  8. I did not make any resolutions this year ... just goals :) I live by the rule "If you aim at nothing .... you hit it every time"! :)
    Hugs ,

  9. Thanks for stopping by today at Quirky Vistas. Loved hearing about your daughter's discovery of The Great Pickle on Pinterest. Hope you find just the thing (that isn't green) eventually. You have me wondering what you are making your sign for. I hope you'll be sharing what you do when it's done!

  10. I am not only late for link parties, I don't know where they are, and I host my own!

  11. You so took the easy way out with this "resolutions" post!


  12. You're such a party animal - I'll bring the beer!

  13. Mighty fine resolution you've got there. I should try that one some year.

  14. I seem to recall you questioning your post the other day?? Now, you are, like totally, the homecoming queen or something. Everybody's BFF that we all want to copy. ;)


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