Dining Room Chairs Post..... again!

One year ago this month I located the perfect chairs on Craigs List for a redo.....

Due to the time of year and being the hostess with the mostess*, two of these birds were purchased the same day as the chairs..... *FYI mostess auto corrects to moistness.

Thanksgiving arrived and the Butterball's were smoked on the grill....

the chairs were sat on as-is, and all was grand, as in grand plans to finish them.

Eventually the dining room was painted.  By now it was 2013.

and a new table was made......

Six chairs were taken apart.

Six chairs were painted (several times with different colors).

Six chairs were distressed, waxed, and buffed.

I wanted to gnaw off my arms so I would never ever have to do this task again.

The seat bottoms were covered with a deep espresso. 

One of them makes a funny noise when anyone slides off it..... I try not to sit on that one when company is here.

And then what happened?  Such a nail bitter this story is huh!

Let me tell you more.....

Two of these rustic-chicken-wire-backed-plate-holder-things were built, stained, hung, waxed and wiped.  Yes in that order.  Brawn doesn't wait around for me to complete my part of the job when he is ready to complete his.

Being the trend setter I am, they were finished with a re-rod plate holder bar.....

Drop cloth was purchased, washed, and cut to size for chair backs.

Round head tacks were left as is, the patina on them was perfect....
(that and there was no way no how I was polishing hundreds of them).

The awesome graphic for the chair backs was ready to go.....

Yes I realized I spelled correspond wrong, and no... I wasn't going to remake the whole little Picmonkey thing to fix it.  If I knew I was going to show the graphic again, well I probably would have.  I'm a good speller, but a bad proof reader.  Thankfully I caught the mostess/moistness thing earlier.

I picked up the transfer paper for the design in May on a drive back from a weekend away, with an emergency stop at Office Depot because I HAD to have that transfer paper before I got home and unpacked. 

Then what the helllllll happened?

Nothing happened, that's what.  Other than a year went by since I started these chairs and five months since I purchased the transfer paper that I'm hoping I can now locate.

Thanksgiving 2013 is about to arrive.  Two new turkeys have been purchased, 20 pounders this year if you want to know.

So with a new Thanksgiving gig to host, the chairs are fix'n to be finished at the ranch.   I'm telling you that in case no one hears from me while I'm knee deep.

I'm going in and I'm not coming out till they are done.

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  1. See, you should actually feel better now. When you put down EVERYTHING that has happened for that dining room over the past year, you've accomplished a LOT! You are at the finish line now...get 'er done, girl!

  2. Love the graphic and Albert would too. Good thing you caught the auto correct... how moist can you be after being locked in your work room with six chairs till every last tack 'o perfect patina has been hammered? They'll look fabulous -- have fun. Hope someone brings you a snack!

  3. Do you think somebody slipped a whoopi cushion in the chair seat?

    Now that you've hit the publish button, there's no going back!!! Let's see. Three chairs per week........

  4. There's nothing like a good holiday get together to motivate you to get something done! Boy, do I know that. Last year I hosted my family on Christmas Eve and it worked out great to get my husband to do some projects that he had put off forever! I'm not quite as bad as him about procrastinating. I wish I could just do everything without his help honestly. I think your chairs are looking good in their new paint color. I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

  5. Oh girl, you have got to finish those chairs! You know they're going to be fabulous and your legion of fans will bow down to you once again. ;)

  6. A year?! Is that all?
    It only took me 3 1/2 to get to finally sit on my settee/couch/sofa...whatever! I totally get you on the natural patina of the tacks...I reused those bad boys in all their bad boy ways...of rustic, vintage-y 'patina'.
    Now... get on with it! I want to see these chairs! I know they'll be great...she says: one over-booked-side-tracked-procrastinator another. {wink}

  7. Gnaw my arms off...that's about where I am at this moment. I have almost finished, plugged the computer back in and am finishing tomorrow no matter what! Get to work...I want to see these fabulous creations!

  8. I bet those chairs are going to be fabulous. You are such a trendsetter, but I know even doing four chairs for me can be daunting. I don't envy your task.

  9. I'm waiting with bated breath...hurry hurry hurry!

  10. Great colour on the walls, great finish on the table and chairs, just a little bit of transfer work to do - YOU CAN DO IT - we believe in you Mrs. B !
    P.S. Don't go answering any of these comments now, you've got no time !!!!

  11. I don't want to hear another peep out of you until they are done. :) Just kidding, I'll miss you! I'm going crazy over those plate racks! Good to know that you wax before you wipe!! Miss Moistness!

  12. I hope you can find your transfer paper...I have that same problem too. Procrastinate...then, by the time I decide to get em done, I can't find anything I need.

  13. Holding you to it this time Bliss! THIS is exactly why I travel on I don't have to refinish chairs, build a plate rack and buy 2 20lb turkeys. I love your labels. I had a job as a proof-reader for food labels for 5 years. I still make spelling mistakes.

  14. Do it! Can't wait to see! FYI -- chairs can be such a pain! My least favorite piece of furniture to redo... Good luck!
    xo Heidi

  15. I'm thinking about that ant and that rubber tree plant ...

    :) Linda

  16. I did my dining set last month, so I understand exactly what you mean. I love them, good thing because it'll be a long time before I change them! I love the look (what I can see) of yours and can't wait to see them finished. I love your idea of personalizing all the graphics, they are going to be fabulous!!
    Debbie :)

  17. Awesome and if I ever, or should I say we ever get to see this room in it's entirety that would be a Christmas miracle:) I really want to seeeee it all!

  18. These are going to be so great! A deadline is my best friend for getting something done...and you know how slow I am at projects! Looks like it's the homestretch for the room...can't wait to see it all together! Watch out for that autocorrect...

  19. Thank goodness i was already sitting down when this popped up!! I thought the chairs might be done! I feel so relieved....I hate it when efficient people try and show off. It's nice to know you're out there with your partially finished chairs because it makes me feel so much better about all the crap I have half done. You're a good friend.

  20. Good luck finishing them up--they will be fabulous!

  21. Love what I'm seeing so far! I hope you get them done in time for Thanksgiving! I know how that goes. I'll pick up something and be all jazzed up with a idea, get all the supplies and rush home, then the minute I open the door, life takes over, and it's forever before I get to my project! Argh! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  22. I am at the edge of my seat Bliss with the anticipation of finally seeing this completely finished!!! I can't wait. Love the graphic!!!


  23. All the pieces are coming together so amazingly. No matter the when, I think we'll all keep watch, happily. So nice to peak at a few of your projects again... because they rock!!!

  24. Bliss ... so happy you are finding an excuse to finish those chairs. They are beautiful.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Tresures

  25. Can't wait! Good luck, Miss Moist!


  26. Cute post! It will get done someday ;) I love everything else so far.

  27. I neeeeeed to see this complete room. I was in your neck of the woods this past weekend; I should have just drove to your house to see it firsthand. I probably would have made off with the plate rack thingy though. And maybe those chairs. And this ash tray. But that is all.

  28. Talk about a cliffhanger!!! I was waiting with bated breath! Hurry up, gosh!

  29. The sneak peeks are beautiful! Such a creative graphic. Can't wait to see the whole room!

  30. Ok well I've been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for these awesome chairs to be finished!

  31. LMAO - I'm not getting around visiting as much as I'd like - so when I saw this title I thought
    " OMG - she's done them "
    That plate rack is absolutely gorgeous Bliss -
    Do me a favor?
    We're moving in 10 days - send me a link of those chairs as soon as you're done - I DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I abhor the word moist and I heard gnawed off arms make a great gravy base!

  33. This post was *hilarious.* I recommend you not advertise that you're the hostest with the moistness. (OMG. I'm dying at that autocorrect.)

  34. You are sooo hilarious! Can't wait to see the chairs, I just know you are going to really do it this year!
    Go get 'em!

  35. I'm am laughing so hard right now. I've been out of the loop for quite a while now but upon my return, it is another update on the chairs. I am so glad there is someone else out there, besides me, that has a project that is kickin' their butt. Everything you are doing in there is beautiful though so don't fret - masterpieces take time. STILL can't wait to see the big reveal ;)

  36. You, my dear, are perfect. I still remember when you were painting the dining room. You got that part done. and I love the chair frames. Don't hurry to finish the chairs. Seating for the holidays is highly over me. In fact, ask anyone who has visited my home lately. We've been standing to watch television for the last week because there are still 15 cardboard boxes and a loom in the living room and I put the Christmas tree up last week. We moved in back at the end of August. xo

  37. I love it that someone out there is like me....I start these grand ideas and don't quite get them done. You are much further along than I am but I love this post! Now you are really under the gun...ha! Take care to worries, if it's not done.

    I had a campout here with the gals and their vintage trailers, I used a Christmas theme....some of it's still out...what do you think, that was in September, think I should put it away?

  38. Because.. I felt that way after sanding and painting our kitchen cabinets in our old house. My sister in law asked " would you like to do ours?!" - I think I responded with a " f$$k no! Never again!"

    And... After moving in May. It knocked me on my arse. I have just recently found and hung favorite family photos and art. Curtis the dog's fave stuffed animal- just found last week!

    Where is my winter coat? No one knows.

    The noise your chairs make had me lol- your poor future guests!

  39. Don't ask me why, but it makes me feel so much better to know you put off finishing some of your projects too! Can't wait to see the completed chairs...I'm still watching Craigslist for the perfect ones to re-do.

  40. Good things come to those that wait (as they say) ......I don't mind waiting to see these....because they will sure be GOOD!!


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