Orange Marquee Letters

A couple months ago I purchased a new rug for the family room in my quest to actually decorate with color.

I know what I like when I see something in someone elses house, but I don't always do so good picking out my own things.

But the rug.........I got it right.

And it's orange.

Adding some color to my otherwise beige toned home was sort of earth shattering for the people that know me.

Marquee Letters Painted Orange,

So I'm not the only one surprised by the fact I actually used some color in my decorating.

One of my BFF's (hi Dii!) giggles and remarks that she still can't believe I used orange.

Orange rug,

This rug needed some "stuff" to go along with it, so I started with what was already there.

I had a few yellow marquee letters that I bought at Junk Market 3 years ago with the intention of painting them.

I convinced myself I didn't mind the banana yellow so they stayed that color.

Marquee Letters Painted Orange Fusion Gilding Paste,

Or maybe they stayed that way because I procrastinated?

The letters are metal and already chippy and aged.

The "L" I picked up at a garage sale - it coincidentally was banana yellow too.

Marquee Letters Painted Orange Fusion Gilding Paste,
Fusion Mineral Paints has a line of metallic gilding paste, and a little goes a long way.

With my new found love of the color orange, the copper paste on the right has become a favorite.

Marquee Letters Painted Orange Fusion Gilding Paste,

I didn't want to cover up all of the original yellow, or the rusty chips, so I wiped on and wiped off until I was happy with the look.

I also used Fusion Mineral Paint to give the three pine tone shelves an update.

Sterling Gray Fusion Mineral Paint,

They were painted in Sterling which is a really light mild gray, then I dark waxed on top of that so they have a variety of tones - a little gray, a little cream and some brown from the wax in the nooks and crannies.

Marquee Letters Painted Orange Fusion Gilding Paste,

Gimme a "C".... "B".... a "D"..... "H".... and an "L", then five of my six kids have their letter by their photo.

I'm short a "J", so I'm on the look out.

The letters are not all the same size, the "C" is smaller than the others, about the size of the garage sale "L".

Marquee Letters Painted Orange Fusion Gilding Paste,

That baby on the far right that looks like a little boy?  Yeah, that's me.  My mom said she used to tape pink bows to my head and people would still say what a cute little boy you have.  I did start to look more pinkish by the age of two when more hair grew in and my cheeks shrunk.

I do like the pop of color the orange letters add to the greige wall and actually I like the orange in the whole room.

So........ orange 'ya glad I didn't stay banana?

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  1. Yes! What she said!!! Only YOU!! Love the baby photo of little Miss (Mister?) Bliss! ;) I have all of our initials around the house too but in smaller sizes.

  2. So brave of you, Bliss. Orange. Who'd have guessed??

  3. Love it! You had me at letters, but I am an orange fan, too...especially as fall approaches. It just feels good. Love what you did with them!

  4. I love the "new" look of your old letters Bliss. I'm not much on orange, but I like these!

  5. I like how you added those orange letters in with the framed photos! I think if you have some color in your home, you should distribute it in other areas too. So, that was a good idea.

  6. OMG my mom did the same thing is me and had the same results. She used tell me, since it took so long for my hair to come in as a Bab she couldn't because how much hair I wound up having. It's unbelievably thick.

    Loving how everything looks


  7. I prefer oranges over bananas, so that makes this work for me!

  8. I love how these letters turned out! The yellow and rust peeking through the bronze is perfect! I am such a fan of letters and typography! So fun to decorate and create with! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  9. Love how you changed the letters. Great job Bliss ... so interesting.

  10. Orange is one of my favorites, yellow not so much. But everything you do turns out great. Nice project.

  11. Why not add a little color? Looks great.

  12. I loved the rug when you made that choice and I think these complimentary painted letters are perfect in your griegy toned room. I do like that you kept some of that yellow showing through on the letters. Love the new look!


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