Bagel Make'n

Oh Bliss, if you hate blogging about food stuff so much how come you keep doing it?

How come you are talking to yourself too?

The answer to both those questions is... I don't know!

Easy New York Style Bagels,

Once upon a time in the land of blog, bagels were made by my hands, and I told the sad tale for all to read.

They were more like bagel horseshoes and I sucked at it.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

There are a lot of bagel eaters around here and one day as I was buttering up a toasted store bought one I announced "next week let's make bagels".

I don't know why I say stuff like that, small children actually listen to what I say and hold me too it.

The short people stared at me like they didn't believe I could actually make bagels {and they didn't even know about the bagel horseshoe flops from my first attempt} but they were in - they wanted to help.

So as promised, seven days later I found a recipe and set up shop to crank out some doughy deliciousness.

I don't reprint other peoples recipes and pass them off as my own, so you can find the recipe I used on my Pinterest board FOOD: Breads & Butters or you can hop over to the Sophisticated Gourmet.

What attracted me to this particular recipe was the reviews on the blog and the comment that one didn't need to be a rocket scientist to make these bagels.

That was good news, because I'm no rocket scientist and based on my first try, not much of a bagel baker either.

I decided on plain ones only because I didn't want to do the extra step of seasoning them if they weren't going to turn out.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

The dough must be kneaded which is sort of messy at this point but I followed the directions about incorporating more flour and it worked magic for getting the goo off my hands.

And get-a-load of that giant watermark on the photo above.  I really want everyone to know that set of blurry hands belongs to me.

Thank you #4 son for not letting me touch my camera with my dough digits, we will work on your focusing skills later.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

I mixed up the dough and let it rise exactly as the recipe said.

You roll dough balls and shape the bagels, then they have to sit again and rest for 10 minutes.

The whole process was pretty quick, and these are called New York Style bagels.

I don't know my bagel varieties by name, I'll just say if quick and easy is what makes them New York style, I'm all for it.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

Don't be judging the shape of my bagels.  I care only about their taste, not their looks.

Stop it now, I know they are not uniform in shape or size.

Bagels go into a pot of boiling water first, and with each dip of the dough, that step felt like I was doing it wrong or forgetting something.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

But once again I followed the directions exactly, then slid the boiled plops onto a cookie sheet to head to the oven.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

They are not pretty at this point, and mine may or may not have been uglier and less equally sized than they should have been.

Remember, all that mattered was the final step when their beauty turns golden and the crustiness touches my tongue.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

My helpers were astonished by this point, and could not wait to sample.

The hardly round dough globs went from looking like wet gooey yuck to perfectly tanned baked goods people might actually eat.

I think my credibility on the baking front increased - I probably have more street creed now with any pint sized critic under the age of eight.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

Notice among the fuzzy faces in the background that the help even got the wine out to celebrate?

Not really, but it is a bottle of wine and it is on my counter, so technically that should make it mine right?  But it's not my wine, it's a special bottle brought back from a trip for a sister.

She better come fetch it before those two little kids drink it.  Oh wait, I guess they are looking at the bagels.

Easy New York Style Bagels,

The whole house smelled of baking bread.  The crusty outsides were perfectly crispy, the insides were soft, and the butter melted into the cracks when they were sliced.

What more could my tongue ask for!

Bagel ingredients don't really change all that much, so I'm not sure why I was able to make these so easy yet my first attempt didn't go so good.

And the verdict?

I will make these again, everyone agreed they were really good, in fact the 10 bagels were gone by 9:00 a.m. the next morning and I was responsible for eliminating only one of 'em.

Apparently 10 isn't enough when they actually look like bagels and are not shaped like horseshoes.

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  1. Isn't the word for your bagels artisan style?

    I bet they taste delicious and perfect implies that a machine made them. Yours are lovingly made by hand.

  2. Looks delicious Bliss ... glad they turned out so good. I know those little ones could hardly wait to bite into one. Boiling them seemed a strange thing to do, but I guess it gives the texture that they need.

  3. These look awesome!! Definitely going to give it a try!

    Jane x

  4. I never even thought of making my own bagels! Will have to try this out one day. But not today. Or this week. Daughter #1 (who is also the only daughter) and I are kicking the carb habit ...

    :) Linda

  5. I love ho-made bagels. But more importantly, I'm intrigued by this vaginal gel advertisement I'm seeing on your sidebar.


  6. Oh mercy those look good! There is nothing better than homemade bread right out of the oven. I have never made homemade bagels (or donuts) because it looks like a lot of work (and I'm lazy in the kitchen). I bet that your grand kids will bug you from now on to plzzzzzz make some more! And you'll dread it.............but do it anyway. Because that's what grandma's do.

  7. Yum! That is the same technique for making soft pretzels...the grandkids would love those, too...

  8. I like the way you made up for the really big watermark on your blurry hands photo with the really, really tiny watermark on the next one thus maintaining perfect balance in the universe.

  9. Anonymous8/25/2015

    These look so, so yummy! Well worth the mess and the wait for them to get done!


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