JORD Wood Watch

I've got this son.

Well actually I have four of those I guess.  But one of those, well he likes the finer things in life.

Wait.... they all like the finer things in life, maybe he's just better at saving his money when he needs to, so as to acquire those finer things.

His name happens to start with a J, the same as the maker of one of those F.T.'s in life.

And J likes watches.  His new favorites are JORD Wood Watches.

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

A few summers ago J saved money to buy himself a cool watch he had seen that had a self winding mechanism.

There was no turning back after he owned that particular type. 

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

I'd never heard of such a thing before, but basically when you have a self winding watch on, it's winding.

That's one of the things J thinks is cool about this JORD watch.  Oh, and you don't have to sleep with it on, it stays accurate for a day or two on your dresser.

Gravity makes it wind and the swinging of your arms in your daily life is the motion it needs to keep accurate.

This style watch has a clear front that lets you see all the tiny little gears at work, which I agree makes for a pretty slick looking time piece.

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

As a DIY guy, the man of the house could certainly appreciate a fine watch when it's made out of interesting woods, but the man of the house doesn't wear watches.

So when JORD Wood Watches asked if I would like to review something from their lineup, I knew just who would be a willing hand model.

What I didn't expect was the reaction from all the guys around here - both looking at the watches on line and when it arrived.
JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

First, all the menfolk had to huddle around the ipad to help in the selection.

Statements were uttered such as, "those are cool, I'd even wear a one of those".

The DIY guy thought a wood watch was about the sweetest kind he'd ever seen.

But ultimately it was J who got to pick from the selection and he settled on a flashy one.... the Ebony and Rosewood.

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

These are luxury handcrafted watches, but they are intended to be worn as you go about living your life.

Doing things like playing video games.......

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

Holding hands with girls........

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

Cooking brats on the grill......

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

And the everyday occurrence of wrestling.

At least it's everyday at my house.

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch
J is the type of kid that takes good care of his things, so he doesn't wear his new watch to work or any place that would put it at risk.

But basically a JORD Wood Watch can go anywhere and do anything that any other kind of watch can do.

Except this.......

JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch
JORD Wood Watch, #jordwatch

It's splash proof, but not water proof.

Congratulations to J on his graduation, 
and thank you to JORD Wood Watches for sending the complimentary watch to commemorate it.  Check out the full JORD line, they have ladies styles too.

Wooden Watch Review

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  1. Love this! I keep seeing the same one over and over, but this is different...I would totally wear it.

  2. In his vast collection, even Magoo doesn't have a wood watch.
    Congrats to J on his graduation!

  3. Nice watch....very sexxy. I'm kind of partial to the Coral Series, such a beautiful blue!

  4. Great looking watch and a fun review!

  5. Beautiful! Now I need a wood watch of my very own. Notice how I WON'T be sharing with the men folk around here! :)

  6. Holy Cow!! This is really hubby is a furniture builder and LOVES wood! Now I have found something interesting to get him for Christmas! Thanks!

  7. what a great watch! I'm always amazed at how all those tiny gears work!

    congrats to J for a big accomplishment!


  8. he made a fine choice! looks awesome!

  9. Those are super cool watches. I have seen them and love them. You son wears it well Bliss! Congrats to him.

  10. that looks like a beautiful watch! i like how it continues to wind itself through movement of the person wearing it. Very cool! the fact that it's made of wood makes it even more unique. Congrats to your son on his graduation too.

  11. That watch is fantastic. I've been thinking of looking into them for myself. So I will.

  12. I love the idea of a wood watch that self winds! It looks fantastic.


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