Online Auction Wins

I'm fortunate enough to live within a reasonable drive of a few large auction houses.

These days with the internet they don't always host live auctions where a person has to stand in the hot sun or a cold shed for half a day waiting for that one item on the wish list.

With online auctions if you lived in Abu Dhabi you could bid and have your hearts desire shipped to you.  I just hop in the car and go fetch my auction wins.

Much to the distress of my husbands shed and the rest of my family, bringing home more furniture to paint has gotten way to convenient.

But the prices!!! 
Sometimes I can come home with a whole vehicle load for twenty bucks, which includes the sales tax and the auction fees.

How can I pass up a couple more vintage radios........

Vintage Radio,

They have such potential don't 'ya think?

Vintage Radio,

After all, I've got one vintage radio bar under my belt, and middle son has a place to store beverage at his house.....

Vintage Radio Bar,

I still had one old radio left from a two-er a couple years ago, so now I've got three floor model radios in the raw to turn into some sort of treasure.

Auction Vintage Highchair,

This high chair converts to a little table and chair.  It was $2.00 and while others might have left it behind even at that cheap price, I decided the back of it would make a nice sign, so it will probably be scraped out.

Occasionally the size listed on the auction piece doesn't match the size in my head.

Such was the case with this little twin headboard set.

Auction Vintage Headboard/footboard,

I don't know why I thought it was larger, but it didn't matter, the intention is to make a bench out of it, so it will just be a one seater, or a two seater if you have a rear end like Twiggy.

Do you know who Twiggy is?  That doesn't matter either.

Auction Vintage Table,

This table came with one leaf.  It's good size without it, nice and heavy, I think the top is cherry.  Needs a good sanding down which I will be happy to provide.

Auction Vintage Table,

$3.00 bucks.

I figured three dollars was worth it even if I detached the top and used the two sets of legs separately.  It came with a cat toy taped to the bottom, guess that was a bonus, but I don't intend to refurbish it!

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  1. You do score some great deals. I'm afraid to ever go to an auction and get hooked!

  2. I can't get over how inexpensive those finds were! I love the idea of using the back of the highchair for a sign. It's the perfect shape for that.

  3. Great scores! Love them all. The radios are especially nice.


  4. Awesome finds. I can't wait to see the sign made out of that high chair back!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

  6. Wow! You know, having a radio bar specialty isn't a bad idea for you. I never see those. If I did, I would totally copy you. I guess I should check out the online auction thing more carefully...

  7. Are you KIDDING me with those prices !? wow! You score big wherever you go! There's a great auction house in San Antonio, but the prices are usually high. I haven't been in many years, so maybe there are still some bargains to be had. But like you.... finding room in the sheds and spare rooms is getting difficult.

    1. From another Texas Patty, lol - I think I know the auction house in San Antonio (starts with a 'V'?) If you're willing to drive a little ways out of SA (Hill country, or Seguin/Gonzalez) you can find deals like this - not everytime, but often enough that I have an overflowing shed and storage unit, lol Check out and put in your zip code and driving radius and they'll pop up lots of auctions. Your wallet may not thank me for that, lol

  8. Ok, so where the HE-- ck are these auctions? You've got some FANtastic stuff here. Oh, and by the way . . . I used to have a "rear end like Twiggy . . . loooooooooong time ago, in a far away life!

  9. Great stuff Bliss ... I know you will come up with some awesome pieces. Love the old radios. Can't wait to see.
    Audrey Z.

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