Hinged Beach Sign

I wrote a post over summer about a beach sign I made as a gift, and last month I gave the sign an upgrade for it's trip to the ocean.

The gift was for 2014.  The original post was in 2015. 

I worried the gift would never make it to it's intended home on the California coast since it was still in my possession almost a year later.

I think I have mentioned before, that if I gift you with something you may not get it until months later.  Daughter #1's laundry room makeover comes immediately to mind.

But this beach sign made it in less than a year, top speed for my normal.

Beach Sign Hinged In 3 Pieces,

The sign is long, about four feet. 

Way too long to put in a suitcase and I'm apparently too lazy to get it mailed, hence why it lived at my house for months after it was finished.

Beach Sign Hinged In 3 Pieces,

But I was determined to deliver it in person on an October trip, so I barked out orders to Brawn to cut that sign into thirds. 

Yup - buzz it into pieces.

My intention?  Make it fold so it would fit in carry on luggage and once and for all the sign would be in it's final resting place.

My BFF already had a beach sign.  But I wanted her to have a bigger beach sign.

Fusion Mineral Paint, Sand Stone Texture,

I used Fusion Mineral Paint and their Sand Stone Texture.  (The original post has the information on how I used these products).

I wanted the sign to have a slight bluish cast like the ocean, along with some texture, and I achieved both. 

I never asked my friend if SHE wanted a bigger beach sign and I never asked her if I could drill holes in the wall above her sink to hang the new one up. 

She did already know about the sign so maybe now I'm her ex-friend for making holes in her wall?

Beach Sign Hinged In 3 Pieces,

My solution to finally deliver this gift was to use some old hinges from a bin of junk I picked up at a garage sale. 

Hinges fold you know, and if the sign folded it could fit in a suitcase.

The little black rings were used to enhance the tops of the screws, and there are plenty of 'em - four on each piece - I didn't want it to fall on her head while she washed pots and pans.

Beach Sign Hinged In 3 Pieces,

A two thousand mile plane ride and a crappy cell phone photo later, the sign is in place, pointing a few blocks west where if you time it right you can see dolphins, whales and surfers frolicking together in the surf.

Beach Sign Hinged In 3 Pieces,

We didn't time it right, but no worry - it's always a good time to just relax.

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  1. Ha ha! I love it with the hinges! Such a cute and clever idea, and perfect for above the kitchen sink! I am sure your friend loves it!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the hinges, adds another element and it works! :)

  3. Only you would think of this! Hope those toes enjoyed the beach!

  4. think the hinges added a lot of character, and love the sign, but am still wondering if the metal made the alarms go off at the airport???

  5. I love the addition of the hinges! So clever!! California beaches are pretty special, no matter what you get to see while you're there.

  6. That looks cute! I bet you could've just cut the sign in 3 pieces and then when they hung it up, they could put it together on the wall. I've seen more and more artwork done that way these days. That was a good idea to break it up so it could be carried with her.

  7. What a great looking sign. My son just did one with hinges, too, but I LOVE this beach one. I think his hinges are just for effect though...yours are FUNCTIONAL.
    My gifts sometimes take a long time getting there, too. xo Diana

  8. Clever, Bliss! Glad it finally found it's home!
    xo Heidi

  9. I am sure she was thrilled with it! The hinges add a lot of character!

  10. LOL! That is one clever fix, and looks awesome! I'm all for extra junk attached!

    p.s. I am also so not a shipper type!

  11. hinges? genius!

    I love the industrial look of it all... hinges, screws, everything!

    super job!

  12. Sooo clever that you did this after the fact so yiu could carry on the plane. I think bff says the holes are worth it!

  13. Love the hinges! And it reminds me... I'm working on an idea that you just might adore. Will check back with you if it turns out, in a month or two!

    1. Good luck on your project, hope it turns out.

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