Pipe Leg Dog Feeder, Mo's Diner

Using pipe in decor is nothing new.

At least not to me.

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,

15 years ago we made galvanized pipe shelving, two twin pipe beds, and a pipe nightstand for the room our two youngest sons shared.

However I never thought of making a dog dish holder with pipe legs till I saw the one made by Cassie at Primitive and Proper

I don't know where the original idea came from, but her's was my inspiration....

Primitive & Proper Dog Feeder

I new right then and there I was going to have pipe feet on a dog feeder, but since that time pipe is being used all over as pipe feet and pipe feet dog feeders.

Cassie gives directions on how to make her feeder over at ehow.comI must say I totally love her two-doggie feeder.

Old Tote Dog Feeder,

A few years ago I made a dog feeder out of an old picket fence tote, I think it was in the free bin at a garage sale.  

Mo The Ranch Dog

I liked it fine, so did the dog, but it didn't have pipe feet and Mo - the dog - told me he needed one as nice as Cassie's dog.  And who can resist those bug eyes when they ask for something right?

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,

Instructions were given to the Brawn of the operation to make something to hold the two dog bowls, oh and use the scrap wood in the garage.

Any kind, any combo I didn't care, but pipe feet were necessary.

The back received an old piece of red chippy barn wood, and I reused the two little chalkboards from Mo's other dog feeder.

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,

On a trip to Menards we picked up four of these feet.  I guess they are known in the pipe shopping world as reducers.

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,

You may have noticed in the first photo on this page, that I cut one of those felt chair sliders in half and put one half on each side of the reducer.  The reducer is open on the bottom, so just sticking one on wasn't gonna work, but sticking two pieces on each side seems to work fine.  I didn't want the pipe feet to scratch the floor, so cutting a chair pad in half was my solution.

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,
I don't know if you can see the shine from my pictures, but I used the new Fusion Matthew Mead Studio Metallics paint in copper.  

And they are awesome!  Mo likes a bit of blingy shimmer with his dinner.

In Wisconsin there's a diner.... Moe's.  And Moe's sign says his diner is almost famous.  

Around here my Mo's diner is almost famous too, just not for the food served.

Pipe Feet Dog Feeder,

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  1. oh my gosh, this is awesome!!!! love the mo's diner!!!

  2. This is so cool, Bliss...the sign just makes it really special...perfect for a really special Mo!

  3. That is really, really cute! I love how it turned out! What fun for Mo! xo Diana

  4. My pooches need one of these! Pinning!

  5. I love the look of the pipes. It's so industrial. That feeder is adorable. I think the lettering on it makes it have such personality.

  6. It almost makes me want to get another dog, just so I can make one of these 'almost famous' diner things!

  7. Okay, that is awesome! Moe is eating in style! Ernie is jealous ...


  8. Mo is MOst handsome ... and so is the project. That Lucky Dog!


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