Barn Wood Entry Way Shelves

We're busy around here waiting for cement to cure.

That's the equivalent of watching paint dry, only it takes longer.

So while we wait for the cement to cure and the new bathroom flooring to arrive, I decided it was a good time to actually paint a wall and have Brawn make some shelves that he's been meaning to make for the last 20 years.

barnwood shelves,

I can't say for sure its shelves he's been meaning to make for 20 years, but I know he's been meaning to make something for an awkward entry way corner.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

But before shelves could go up, one wall in the entry needed to be painted.

I wanted to find a coordinating color, just lighter, than the other darker greige wall.  Sounds simple enough right?

So I drove an inconvenient amount of time to purchase a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint, after agonizing over paint chips for a week, only to bring the perfect paint color home and then say what the helll?.

Happens to me every time.  I'm famous for never getting the paint color right.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

That light gray I thought I picked out, well somehow it morphed into basically the same color as the white trim, there was no contrast.

I picked lighter alright.  I swear it was light gray when I held the chip next to the trim, but what I came home with was white or might have had two drops of off white spit to color it just a smidgen.

I don't know how I consistently pick the wrong paint color, it's just a gift I guess.

A couple days later I combined a trip back to the paint store, with a Costco visit and my sun roof glass flew off to the heavens as I was driving along.

Yes the glass really just flew off - poof it was gone, and I had a cold breeze for the duration of my drive.

But the whistling noise the roof used to make had stopped.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

I now have plastic and red duct tape and can no longer see the sun or moon through the roof of my vehicle.

Anyway, after that strange thing, I marched into Sherwin Williams, plunked the can on the counter, along with some different paint chips, and told the guy I don't know which of these colors he can tint and transform this paint into, just do it please.

And he did.

His computer told him that he could turn my basically white gallon of paint into Alpaca, a light greige, leaning more to the gray.

This whole stupid paint re-coloring meant my one day project turned into a one week long project, and to round out my stressful paint picking, I decided that the awkward entry way corner - that's been that way for 20 darn years - was gonna get some shelves.

I asked nicely on Sunday morning and by Sunday night the awkward corner had shelves.

Oh, and the paint color Alpaca?  I love it.  Thankfully.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

The shelves are held up on the wall by basic ripped and stained boards, and then are nailed right to that.

When the barn wood front goes on that part doesn't show and the shelves look like a piece of thick beam.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

The shelves are stained plywood with grooves cut in them to give the illusion of boards.

On the higher shelves my husband turned over the boards where the bottoms show but the tops don't, so they still look like grooved boards from underneath.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

The fronts are 100 year old barn boardsWe have shelves similar to this in our master bathroom.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

I have plans to make vintage looking wood crates to put on the shelves.  I'd like to organize photo albums and loose pictures and that sort of stuff in the crates, but that's a project for another day.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,
I think I need symmetry of size on each shelf, so crates that are the same will please me, but I didn't want to show you empty shelves so I scavenged around the house for a few things to fill the space till the crates are made.

Hope it doesn't take 20 years, because that old tin belongs in my kitchen.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

I may have to relocate the umbrella stand full of yardsticks and canes.  It used to stand in the awkward corner.

Entry Way Barn Wood Shelves,

If you are thinking the tall thick round piece of wood is a walking stick, you would be wrong.

It's a didgeridoo.

Isn't an umbrella stand where you keep your didgeridoo?

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  1. those are just perfect for that nook!

  2. Where else would you keep it? My daughter wants one!! These shelves are PERFECTION!

  3. Wow GORGEOUS!! Love this rustic look.

  4. Ooo- I absolutely love these shelves!

  5. I was thinking they looked pretty good from the start, but the old barn wood facing you added really upped the look. wow.

  6. I really like how the shelves turned out. Great job all the way around. You, however, are NOT the record holder for picking the wrong paint chip. I will arm-wrestle you for that honor. I have been known for that for MANY years. lol

    So...who PLAYS hte didgeridoo-doo---You? xo Diana

  7. Those shelves are the perfect thing for that little space! I like how you added the rustic wood on the ends.

  8. This post made me laugh so hard I woke my sleeping 8 year old! I love the shelves too. Win, win.

  9. The shelves are a perfect idea for a wonky alcove...I have one in my guest room that will probably take twenty years to get, but I won't care because I'll be dead. And I keep my didgeridoo in the bedroom, but that's another story for another day.

  10. I love the shelves... such a weird little spot the shelves work perfectly! Crates will be great too... can't wait to see. Your home is beautiful those windows are gorgeous!

  11. Those look those great, Bliss... really a great addition to the entryway. I claim that paint talent, too...maybe we're related. And Kirby's comment

  12. No... but I do have a rain stick in my butter churn !

    Love the shelves!

  13. Gorgeous foyer! The barnwood shelves are a great contrast with your white trim.

  14. I love it, Bliss! I'm a symmetry person, too, so I can't wait to see the crates. p.s. I am so glad you didn't get sucked out of the gaping hole your roof left behind.

  15. Damn. I should have had you send me a cane. Would have saved me 30 bucks! Your shelves look great. I need a Brawn.

  16. Funny you should ask...we have a short didgeridoo in our bedroom was a gift. It's anyone's guess as to why it's there! Great shelves! ;)

    1. Donnamae, your email always shows up as no-reply so I can never send you a return reply, and sometimes you know, like this time, I just have to let you know what I think of a short didgeridoo in your closet! Drop me a note with your email address.

  17. Well ... once again you put some wonderful in my weekend. Wah, wah, I want to see your house :P

  18. Hot dang those are awesome. Every time I take a hiatus from the interwebs and come back, I kick my own arse for missing all your awesome stuff.


  19. Perfect shelves.
    Perfect Didgeridoo storage.
    You are perfect.


  20. great shelves Bliss (and Brawn) I love the color and I love how they look like wood beams. :)

    Didgeridoo.... I think I need one in case my security alarm goes on the fritz.


  21. I don't know whether to keep laughing (crying, really) over your window shopping story, or drool over those shelves. Smokes, they look amazing!

    By golly, your posts are stress relievers. Well, for me anyway... :)

  22. Hey there...!! Nice post indeed. and ofcourse your home is looking great. your interior is really good. cork flooring is a beautiful way to add beauty to the floor of your home. Thanks for your post.

  23. So glad that whistling sound is gone and I have a family member who plays the digeradoo (can't say or spell that word). But your gorgeous shelved corner trumps all that trivia!!!

    Stunning, really!

  24. What an idea. I am thinking I have to replace my cemented shelves with this one. It looks classy. Maryland Roofing Contractor


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