Pink Play Kitchen Featured At Bob Vila

When I was just a young pup - so long ago now I don't even remember when that was - Brawn and I would tune in to channel 13 and watch This Old House.

That was long before DISH, Direct TV, cable, the internet, and the plethora of home improvement shows.

Norm and Bob showed folks the tips and tricks to do DIY the right way.  Their show was how I learned what dovetailing drawers was, and how tedious renovating an old house could be.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,
Painted Pinstripe Wall
Taking an old house and breathing new life into it was something Brawn and I always wanted to do, but we built three new homes, and instead breathed new life into our family by adding two kids at each house.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,
Pink Bucket Sink, Garage Sale Faucet
If you do the math, that's 3 houses, x's 2 kids at each = a total of 6 kids right?  I wonder if we had built four houses if we'd have eight kids?  Yikes!

Norm retired not too long ago, but Bob still maintains his presence in the home improvement world at

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,
Fish Tank Stone Backsplash

At Bob Vila they have tons of home project ideas, and constant contests people can enter.

Or as is the case of my little pink play kitchen, bloggers receive an email inviting them to enter a specific project.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,
Leftover Fabric Torn  & Tied Window Valance

Some of you might recall from my apothecary cabinet IKEA hack, that while I do love a challenge, I'm not the type who is going to beg for votes for anything.

I'll save begging for votes for when I run for president.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,
Chalkboard Grocery List

However I do like to win things, and I have no problem pointing my readers in the direction of a contest that a project of mine is in, and asking you to vote for your favorite, even if it isn't mine.

Nightstand Upcycle Pink Play Kitchen,
Dollar Store Apple Slicer Stove Burners

If you'd like to see all the budget friendly ways I used to turn this garage sale nightstand into a play kitchen, you can click {here}.

A hint.... it was a very inexpensive makeover, with things like a garage sale faucet, free dials, and dollar store apple slicers that became the burners.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,

The nightstand turned play kitchen isn't the only cute entry, but both the pink princess and myself hope the nightstand makeover will garner your vote as a favorite.

Upcycled Pink Play Kitchen From Nightstand,

Win or not, there will still be sandwiches to eat on hot summer days while wearing a pink tutu swimsuit.

To vote for a project in this Favorite Kids Furniture Project, click right {here}Folks can vote once a day till March 31st.

Click on Bob 
where you can vote for your favorite every day till March 31st.

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  1. Oh how exciting and adorable! Will head over and vote right now!

  2. How fun! I've always loved this project (your granddaughter is SO cute!)...headed over to vote!

  3. I just LOVE it!!!! I remember having a play kitchen when I was a little girl. I loved playing house and dolls etc. So, I would've loved to have had one as cute as this that was handmade and unlike any that my friends had. I will be sure to go over and cast my vote!

  4. My vote is in! Love this Bliss!

  5. Oh my Its just gorgeous! and she is a doll.. I will head over there and vote. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

    Tamara <3

  6. Darling - both the precious little one and the kitchen. Already voted! You definitely deserve to win.



  7. It will be like I live in Chicago--I will vote early and vote often.

  8. Congratulations!!! I'm off to vote!

  9. Even though you didn't ask for it, you just got my vote!

  10. I voted for my favorite. You.

  11. I voted for my favorite. You.

  12. voted, and sharing on FB

    so, so cute!

    good luck Bliss


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