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Hello hello hello, it's time for the August Thrifty Style Team projects, and you're invited to click the links at the bottom to find out how the other ladies are being thrifty for August.

Yikes, that means Fall is right around the corner and I would prefer summer to last a couple months longer.  Not that I don't like Autumn, it's my fav, but we didn't really get much of a Spring,  June was a wash, literally, with lots of rain, July flew by and now here we are at the middle of August.
Besides, I'm just getting into the groove of summer projects, and I realize there is so much on the list that won't be getting done.  Boo, and I don't mean that in a Fall ghost sort of way.

However I did have to add a few things to the indoor list because there is this puppy that came to live with us.

And he likes to chew.

And we like to wear shoes.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

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I knew it was time to get the shoes out of sight out of mind (or out of mouth as the case may be) before we had to replace a pair that cost more than we wanted to spend.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

At the lumberyard picking up supplies for another project, I spied these large wood crates on sale for just under five bucks each.  If you don't have a local Menards, you can order some on Amazon reasonably priced [HERE}.

I have needed something for awhile now to use under a mudroom bench for shoes, and I was recently inspired by these little Ikea crates that Donna from Funky Junk made over with Old Sign Stencils.

Old Sign Stencils Wood Crates, Funky Junk Interiors

That size Ikea crate would be too small for the menfolk's size 11's, so when I saw the sale sign for the big ones at the lumberyard I bought two.

Thrifty at half price.....and the lumber yard is only 20 minutes away, Ikea is an hour away.

The thing I like about stencils is how fast it is to change up an item by adding graphics. So when I don't have the luxury of talking my time on a project to do custom lettering, the fast turnaround using Old Sign Stencils gets the project done pronto.

Repurposed Headboard into Bench,

About five years ago I gave this old headboard an upgrade, and added it to the mudroom bench, and below that seat was where shoes are just tossed underneath to get them out of the way, but that also means free range shoes are a prime grabbing opportunity for a dog who likes the taste of canvas and mostly synthetic leather.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

The black leather is no longer on the bench, it's painted now, and I don't keep pillows on this bench for the same reason the shoes needed to be contained - chewing pup.

I wanted the crates to be a similar color to the bench and headboard so it sort of looked like a bed frame for a very very short person, and I achieved that by painting the front where the stencil goes first,  then staining over the whole thing.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

I did not paint the sides of the crates, they are stained in dark walnut.  I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket fence on the front background, and the lettering is Coal Black.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

Rubbing stain over the painted fronts ages them without muting the black lettering.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

While at the lumberyard we also picked up the little corner pieces and the wheels to add some character, and to mimic the ones Donna made.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

There are no handles on my crates currently, but if I come across some old ones in our hardware stash I will probably put them on, but only for looks as they are not really needed.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

The wheels are the cheapest ones, they only roll one way - out to put the shoes in and push back in place - and the corner brackets are of the .35¢ variety.

Each of the crates uses the same stencil, just different parts of it, and laid out differently so they are not identical.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

All the shoes that were previously under the bench and fair game for the teething puppy, can now be happily stowed in the crates.

New Storage Crates Aged and Lettered

The puppy has gotten old enough now that he knows when he's got something in his mouth that he shouldn't have, and he gets that guilty look as we say drop it.  He also knows the word "toy" and if we say it he will grab one of his own chews and ditch the shoe.

So what I'm really saying by the fact he still gets hold of shoes even with the crates, is that it's been easier to teach the dog not to chew a shoe than it has to get people to pick up theirs.

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    1. Bliss, your crates are so pretty and what a great solution for shoe storage and puppy management.

    2. Why do you do this to me???? Seriously, why? Now, I want to make a bunch of these and I have absolutely NO PLACE for them....but, wait, maybe I could put them in my hutch...oh, yes, I think I will do that.

    3. That's an amazing deal on wood crates! I could use some extra shoe storage just like this! Love the coffee-themed stencilling too!

    4. Wow! I don't think I've ever seen wooden crates at that great of a price! Awesome find! These are PERFECT for storing shoes! What a fantastic idea! I love that you added wheels too--great for easy of use! So glad to link up with you and the others on the Thrifty Style Team this week! xoxox

    5. So fun and functional. 🙌🏻😃

    6. So cute Bliss, and a great solution!

    7. Such a perfect idea for organizing the shoes! I love the look! Pinning!

    8. SOOOOO epic! Love the randomness of the design! And for the idea... cuz my shoes need this too...

    9. These are so great. I really like how the stain added instant age.


    10. The stencils and stain look perfect for your crates! I know what you mean about Summer, I am holding on as LOOOOOONG as I can.

    11. Im sure your puppy does a better job picking up then anybody in my house! Bliss, you always have the most amazing and creative projects. We don't have a Menards, what is it?

    12. So fun!!! I know about hiding shoes from a chewing puppy. This is the perfect solution!

    13. Fabulous deal and the crates are wonderful. I so need to do this!

    14. What a wonderful solution to a chewing puppy problem! I have thought about adding crates under our bench, but when I priced them I went "Whoa!" You definitely got a deal on yours!

    15. Shoes....oh what to do with the shoes? Mine just seem to go right there around where you front door opens and I walk in. Not wanting to carry crap (poo but not duck poo) in the house, they come off right there. Mine is more an issue of putting them where they should go. Like under the bench at the front door and not in the way of the door! I love this idea. Out of side, no stepping on them (other then when I put them on).....great job.

    16. Awesome as always. I hope to do something like this for our shoes real soon. We have a Menards nearby (practically around the corner) too and that makes life easy when you need a screw, bolt or rustic crate at a pretty decent price.


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