Boys Bathroom Price Pfister Faucet

In the last century we, no scratch that, they, started a bathroom redo.  They is the boys, and since I don't use the boys bathroom and only go in their when forced, I was a bit stunned at such an ambitious undertaking by the males at the Ranch.

I did take care of one important detail...........

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss

 The Ashfield Price Pfister faucet.

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss
You can see step one of the redo here.

The males didn't really ask me for help or advice, so I didn't really offer up my .2¢ worth.

I bit my tongue a lot.

I reminded myself, I don't use this bathroom, let them design it's redo, and more importantly.... do the work.

And so they did.  Albeit a bit slower than some of them would of liked.

They even took most of the photos.  (And most of their photos were blurry).

A new concrete counter top was poured, and that takes time.  So does the tutorial, there are a lot of steps to pouring a concrete counter top.

Poured Concrete Counter

We ordered a basic white vessel sink, boys request, that hung around waiting to unite with the new faucet.

Poured Concrete Counter Vessel Sink

And the whole time, the good people at Price Pfister never once said "Hey Bliss Ranch, do you EVER intend to show that awesome faucet we supplied?".

And awesome that faucet surely is.  Vessel sinks need a special faucet, one that sits high enough above the sink rim.

Just look at that pump style handle....what a beauty!  And the handle lifts and swivels as smooth as slicing butter.  Or turns perhaps as slick as a teenage boys head when a crowd of pretty girls is all it's fastened on a ball bearing.

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss

I chose the Ashfield in a satin nickle finish.  Less to shine where boys are concerned.

There are 5 bathrooms at Bliss Ranch. We have other Price Pfister faucets in our house, and they work as good as the day we installed them.

Price Pfister + my plumber = Excellence.

The plumbing was done over the course of a couple weeks.  Not because my plumber is slow, but because he has a life, works all day long, and his wife needed him to straighten 600 tacks for the chairs she was redoing.

Lets just say he welcomed plumbing in a new faucet over anything tack related.

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss

The bathroom is not done yet.  I've lost track of time, but then again since it took me a year to finish six dining room chairs, I really can't smart off about it now can I?

The mirror is ready to be hung, a $5.00 garage sale find.

There is a new storage cabinet made from an old window, waiting on me to give it a little dry brush of paint.  The vanity was painted by me, I took pity on the speed of the bathroom project, but since my vision was not to distress it, Brawn took care of that as well as waxing it.  (Remember, this wasn't my vision anyway and that tongue biting thing).

The decorating needs to be done, and guess what, those crazy males want me to do that part.  New towels and rugs and some homemade wall art, and and and and and..... it might never get done!

But the sink is functional thanks to Price Pfister.  Is it just me or does that faucet look like it's smiling?

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss
Happy Faucet, Happy Life
If you look in the mirror you can see the mailbox towel holder, and as I have pointed out many times, it has no towels hanging from it, they are usually on the floor.

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss

Thank you Price Pfister for our new Ashfield pump style faucet.  We love it, and we love you.  Thanks for your patience, maybe you were biting your tongue too!

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  1. Beautiful faucet! Can't wait for the reveal party in the boys bath room!

  2. That is a very beautiful faucet! I agonized over a vessel sink and didn't get one. Let me know how you like it! Right now...tile is happening in my bathroom.

  3. Mailbox towel holder? Love that!!! And yes, great faucet too. That's one to consider for my girl's bathroom redo. Looking forward to what you do with the finished room ;-)

  4. That is awesome -- a real show piece! And worth the wait. :-)
    xo Heidi

  5. I love that style of faucet! And it goes perfectly with the vessel sink. You really need to show the mailbox towel holder (I've never ever seen that done!!) because it looks so cool from what I can see.
    Debbie :)

  6. I LOVE that faucet. You lucky duck. I can't wait to see the finished project when it's completed. Even if it's just a boys' bathroom, I know it's going to be awesome. You have quite the talented family.

  7. Ashfield Pfister faucet. Ashfield Pfister faucet. Ashfield Pfister faucet.

  8. Lave the faucet Bliss and I LOVE the concrete counter top...can't wait to see it up close!!

  9. Love it! I have the same style faucet only mine is for a regular sink. I call it my waterfall faucet! I LOVE it and so does everyone who visits. Especially kids - they are fascinated by it!

  10. It's a beauty! My boys throw their towels on the floor too.

  11. I have seen that faucet in the stores before, putting that on my wish list! Love IT!!!

  12. I lied. I have the shorty version.
    Gotta watch out for me. I'm diabolical like that ;)
    Looks wonderful!!

    Did I mention that one of mine is still in the box?
    Mwah! Luv ya ~Shan

  13. I've always loved that style of faucet. It looks like an old well spigot or something. That's a sharp looking sink too. Can't wait to see the full room reveal when it's ready.

  14. This bathroom is going to be just awesome, even if the towels are on the floor. Love the faucet and the sink. Enjoyable post ... Price Pfister should not mind the wait.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. boys will be boys!

    loving the faucet and the sink. You had me going for a sec about the "plumber" till you mentioned the tacks. hahahah

  16. Looks beeeeeautiful! And high five for the men folk doing the work! I want a granite top now.....

  17. Awesome faucet!! Can't wait to see the final reveal!!!! Five bathrooms!!!--girlie do you have to clean all of them??? You're a saint! LOL!!~~Ang

  18. LOVE that faucet. It is definitely smiling. I really wanted that style faucet for our guest bath. I have no idea why I didn't get one. Now I'll have to come to your house so I can use your smiling faucet.

    On second's the boys' bathroom, and I know how that goes.


  19. The gorgeous tap looks like one of the characters out of the animated film, Robots.
    I also didn't realise that sinks that sit on top are called vessel sinks - I've learnt something today !

  20. It does look like he is smiling, and what a cutie he is, all perched above his vessel sink knowing he'll be hanging out with the boys from now on!! I think it's great that you are letting the guys do this remodel on their own, what a great learning experience. Of course, it was vital that you be in charge of faucets and such, we can't take chances there. It's a beauty, off to see what I can see on the Pfister sight.

  21. Love that faucet, in fact I own it.
    I do not, however, own children that remodel anything.

  22. I love the look of it all, they did a wonderful job! I love the faucet and mirror, and the wonderful sink, too!

  23. Looks great! Remember...the world's smallest bathroom took over a year!

  24. That's an awesome faucet. How do we get so far behind on these things?

  25. A gorgeous faucet! I love brushed nickel... especially the not having to shine it part!

  26. Designing buildings and ensuring they are safe is precisely what structural engineers do, though.


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