Talking Java At Cozy Little House

This post is for coffee lovers.  If you don't drink the stuff you probably won't get it.  Maybe water is your deal, and you start each day with a big glass and you're satisfied, happy, and ready to conquer the world.

More hydro-power to 'ya.                   

My bad habit started when I was a wee tot, so I'll blame my parents.

Looking through old photos there was one at about a year old sitting in a high chair gnawing on something, so I asked my mom what I was eating.

She told me that sometimes - to keep me quiet so they could enjoy their dinner - they would give me the pork chop bone to suck on.

Thanks mom.  But thank you more for not sticking me with the nick name of pork chop.

Meatless Chop Sucker age 1 on left....
                                                       2 years old, pre-coffee consumption....
                                                                                                    Age 3 coffee connoisseur.

It's obvious I loved my coffee, look at that smile.

By age 3, I was probably precocious, annoying, and able to bug them enough each time they had their morning cup, so to shut me up they gave me my own, just like the pork chop bone.

I called it coffee-milk.  I would dip my toast in it, and I'm sure there was more sugar and milk stirred in than coffee.  But the routine stuck.  

Back then there were no warnings about the things coffee would do to you other than  the wives tale that it would stunt your growth.  I'm short so there might be some truth to that one, I don't know.

I'm not even sure where the verdict stands on coffee these days..... is it bad for us, or now good for us?  Does it help or hurt our libido and what illness does it cause besides insanity if you can't have that first cup of the day?

I get confused if chocolate and wine are good for us or not too, so we'll go with it's all good since I don't want to give any of them up.

Burlap Pillow,

So anyhow I started typing my comment for Brenda at Cozy Little House, and I thought to heck with writing a book in her comment section on my coffee habit, I'll write my book here and send all you other coffee drinkers over to Brenda's blog to tell her about your coffee preferences..... she asked - she really wants to know!

Q.  How many cups a day do you drink Bliss?
A.  Well mostly just one.  But sometimes after dinner I like another cup, and sometimes mid day I might sneak one in (like now, just typing about it makes me want one).  I also like hot tea, and am not above substituting a honey sweetened cup of Earl Grey.

Q.  How do you take yours, which in coffee lingo means how do you drink it?
A.  The best answer for my taste buds is, never black.  As long as it's sweet and white I'm happy.  It's a treat when I'm done stirring in additions.  Any ingredients that can accomplish that will work.  Skim milk and Splenda if I have too.  But my preferred way..... real cream and sugar.

 Milk and Cream Sign from Angie at Knick of Time

Q.  Do you have any quirks about the cup you drink from?
A.  Heck yeah.  I like big handles and I cannot lie.  And I don't like really thick rims, like heavy pottery.  I'm the president of the "Down With Styrofoam Cups Club".  Coffee in to-go cups is the equivalent to me of fingernails on a chalk board.

I can't explain the perfect mug, it's one of those things when you find it, you'll know it's right.

Q.  How do you brew, uh huh....
A.  Well Mouth & McNeal, these days it's all about the Keurig, which was something the kids suggested for Dad.  He drinks coffee when he comes home from work, I'm on the morning route, so never made an evening pot.  Now he can have a good cup instead of instant.

He never looked back, but if he looks back far enough he mentions he never drank coffee till he met me.

Brawns idea of a functional screw cap.

Q.  What brand or flavor cup of Joe do you prefer?
A.  Since I doctor mine up it matters less to me than it does Brawn.  He likes it strong, tall, dark and handsome, no wait, that's me describing him.... he likes his coffee dark & strong.  In the Keurig we use San Franscisco Bay Co. and in the Krups drip maker we use Joey Kramers Rockin' & Roastin'.  Currently we are waiting for Rockin' & Roastin' to come out in K-cups and that would be Brawn's preference. 

Neither of us like flavored coffee, but I like flavored creamer.  No surprise there.

Q.  Whole beans or ground?
A.  Grind 'em and whiff 'em.  I used to have a really sweet art deco burr grinder.  When it died I replaced it with a Mr. Coffee one.  It does a decent job since we grind less these days.

Q.  Have you ever given up coffee?
A.  Three times sort-of.  Once (but really six times) when I was pregnant and it just didn't do anything for my taste buds; once when I wanted to act all healthy; and lastly when I wanted to see if coffee was responsible for all my ills.  I thought, if I give up coffee for 6 months and I look and feel 20 years younger, then yeah it was causing trouble.  After the 6 month hiatus nothing had changed, not one little thing other than I didn't stock cream in the fridge, so I re-addicted myself to my morning cup.

How about you?  Stop over at Cozy Little House and tell Brenda your coffee story. 

I do not advocate giving pork chop bones to babies or starting 3 year olds on coffee.
If you want to lecture someone on those two things you'll have to have a cuppa shutthehelllup and take it up with my mom.

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  1. Well now we know it didn't curb your libido. Look at all those babies. He's talk, dark and handsome, so it didn't stunt him any. And then again, look at all those babies...

  2. You know, we kind of have a running joke on this subject, don't we?

  3. It's all good at my house! And I found the chart with the benefits and negatives quite instructional though I never can understand how it lowers the risk of heart disease on one hand, but messes with blood pressure and vascular constriction on the other. At any rate, it isn't a happy house until I've had my first cup in the morning!

  4. I will have to go apologize to Brenda. When I read her blog and saw the 1346 comments, I thought, who wants to hear about me and my coffee habit?

    I don't think you have any reason to be worried about your minimal coffee consumption. The good and the bad might just balance out. I drink a pot throughout the morning and then maybe a cup or two in the afternoon. The only time I felt it was really bad for me was when I also became addicted to French Vanilla Creamer and was adding two heaping tablespoons to each cup. I really knew how bad that was, I was craving the sweetness unbelievably. I quit it cold turkey and it was tough !! I do drink the French Vanilla!

    Given we are close in age, the pork chop thing doesn't surprise me. My mother used to tie us by the ankle to our crib bars to keep us from climbing out in the morning. That would be called child abuse now.

    Bottoms up!


  5. First I have to say you were one CUTE the photos!! I'm a coffee addict...I can't start my day without a cup and then when I am out and about I must stop in McDonalds at least twice a day for a large their coffee! When I pull into their drive thru the girl knows my voice lol!

  6. well the pork chop bone obviously didn't hurt you - the things our parents subjected us to! Love the baby pics, #3 kind of looks like me at the same age. Or maybe we all looked like that at that age. Who knows, I had the same haircut anyway... oh and I began drinking coffee at age 8 so not too much after you. My addiction is still going strong. Love the stuff although I try to keep it to less 8 oz per day, unless it's the weekend or a holiday. or I feel like drinking more. sigh. Thanks for bringing it up!

  7. such a fun post! i tried to give up coffee once.... and was hated by all.

  8. Isn't it a shame that you have to warn people? I know there are some crazies out there that think they have the right to point their finger in judgement. I read Brenda's post. I like coffee in the morning too. I did switch to decaf recently though.

  9. What's wrong with giving the baby a pork chop bone. My mom always gave them to her six kids and we turned out just fine. She said the marrow was good for the baby. I went from continuous cups of coffee a day to just one in the morning. Then a friend told me one after supper aided digestion. I say drink as many as you like, grind the fair trade, organic beans yourself and enjoy life. No sugar for me though.

  10. Started drinking coffee (and other stuff) in high school...I drink it black. The darker and stronger, the better. Used to drink 7 cups a day, but since I got the Keurig, I'm down to two, which is much better for me, I'm sure. Can't wait for Rockin' and Roastin' to come out in the K-cups!

  11. Cute baby pics! What a smile!! I never got started drinking the stuff. On the other hand, hubby has been trying to cut down. Not an easy task. I think he is winning though!

  12. I am not a coffee drinker so pretty soon I was reading blah blah blah. LOL, But I spawned two coffee drinkers ... Go figure! The pictures of you are ADORABLE! and the smile associated with drinking coffee at 3 made me laugh! You are one funny lady :) Hugs
    PS Hey, I have some snow ... you want any? ;)

  13. Oh my gosh this cracked me up! Yes. Coffee addict here.What made me laugh the most is the non-travel cup part. Good lord, I hate travel mugs, and my family just cannot understand. I would rather spill on myself in the car (on a regular basis) than drink out of plastic or anything thick rimmed! We are soul mates there!

  14. Great post! I love coffee too and have given it up a few times. I never had any negative effects so I am now back on....a cup or two a day. Love that first cup. I do the Keurig way and drink less because of it. The cup.....very important, I do have a favorite.

  15. Well, not a coffee drinker. Unless you count the Hills Bros instant English Toffee Cappuccino, which I know you don't. I actually love that stuff but I've given it up because it's full of bad chemical crap.

    BTW, you were a beautiful baby. I was the ugliest baby on the planet, and I'm surprised my parents didn't feed me pork chop bones.


  16. OH yes...I do understand where you are are coming from. In fact I have to go grind and brew
    RIGHT. NOW. I LOVE the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning...

  17. Laying in bed enjoying my second cup of Joe as I read this!!! I moved our "coffee station" to the bedroom so I wouldn't have to move very far to get that first cup!! Makes the bedroom smell great too!! Great post!!! ~~Angela

  18. I never acquired the taste for coffee. Love the smell, hate the taste. My dad shoved a brownie looking muffin at me the other day, told me how good it was and to try it. One bite and I wanted to spit it out. It had coffee in it. I do so wish I could drink black coffee. "That energy boost without the calories would be wonderful" she says while sipping on her calorie and sugar laden Monster.

    Cute baby pictures. :-)

  19. Didn't start drinking the stuff till my early 30's. Met my blue-eyed babe in another state and started long distance dating . . . LOTS of roadtrips and even more coffee! The older I get, the whiter the coffee gets, but it's still real coffee. I married old blue eye and we still drain the pot every morning! And hey, I still chaw on an occasional pork chop, but not Hubs. He turned vegan on me.

  20. I need coffee after trying to fix no-reply on my blog!

  21. I love it, and even moreso when there's syrupy flavors mixed in. I even like coffee flavored ice cream.

  22. Well that was fun to read and what a cute little thing you were! 3 cups every morning..once in a while one or two in the afternoon. Raw sugar and cream. Starbucks house blend. Returned my Keurig after one week and went back to my Brew Station. Don't know why...but I couldn't stand that Keurig...and you know I wanted one for a year! Oh well. Oh..and I judge my restaurants by their coffee mugs. Sam thinks I'm ridiculous, but when he asks me if I want to go here or there, I'm like, NO..they have the bad mugs.

  23. Not a snob about when to drink coffee. I can and do drink it at all times of the day, even at night, I have no restraint, and I'm blessed to be able to sleep, nontheless. I do enjoy a cup of tea at bed time, though. The blend/ brand of coffee and tea is where I get snobby. Call me crazy but I'd swear half the blends have unidentified additves, and I can taste the difference. Needless to say, my tastebuds prefer the pricier and gourmet blends. I'll bet Rockin Roast would be on my approval list :-)

  24. Love coffee! I mix Starbucks House Blend with Starbucks Decaf to get half caff... I like it with half and half. No sugar. I like hot tea too. Tazo Chia is my favorite. Fun post Bliss and you were the cutest baby!

  25. I love my coffee too and enjoyed hearing about your coffee ways!

  26. I love coffee and really enjoyed reading this post. Not so many people have coffee machines over here, they mostly drink instant. I'm so glad I work in a café because I get a double shot latte (in my preferred mug) as soon as I get in, and I love the Italian Illy coffee that we use. On days off I often walk my dog there, so that I can get my fix !

  27. You are so funny, and you were a beautiful little girl!
    I drink two cups per day of my regular roast Folger's with a splash of half and half!

  28. Awww you were (are?) adorable! I have tried to like is so easy and available, but I just can't...unless it is laced with scotch & Kahlua/Bailey's and whip cream in a clear, sugar-rimmed mug after a gourmet meal (rarely happens anymore, no time to cook gourmet!). I'm addicted to my morning tea and afternoon Pepsi, so I'm still getting my caffeine. Ha, like I need it!
    Loved this post, such a fun read!
    Debbie :)

  29. Bliss. I had to set my mug of (black) coffee down to cover my mouth so I wouldn't spit all over my computer screen.

    A pork chop bone?! I laughed so hard.

    I'm sorry for laughing so hard.


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