Battle of the Gray Grey Greige Rugs

Gray.  That's how I've always spelled it.

With an A not an E.

Gray Rugs #mohawkrugs #homedecoratorscollection
Gray Choices
I know that's how I learned to spell it growing up in California, so how come everyone else in the world spells it grey? 

Someone answer that for me....
and while you're at it, answer which rug I like better, which would go best under my dining room table, and does greige go fine with a very deep espresso color?

If the answer to the last question is no, please don't tell me because I have gray, greige, and espresso wood colors along with white in my dining room.

There are metal elements like silver chicken wire shades on a bronze light fixture.....

Chicken Wire Shade Covers,

There's some chocolate brown painted chairs, glazed with a dark espresso stain and a gray graphic on off-white drop cloth......

Drop cloth chair backs with graphic

There is river rocks and the natural color of cement with a light-ish wood floor.....

Painted and stain glazed chairs

I've got two tones of some Sherwin Williams "greige" paints on the walls that I forget the names of, and white trim that I thought I saw Brawn cry over as he painted over the stained wood .....

Griege Walls

And I need a rug under the table.  

8x11 is probably the size that works.  Nothing more will fit - I think 9x13 is too big, anything less will be too small.

A, B, C, and D are all from Home Decorators.  Maybe Mohawk has rugs that would work.  
Mohawk - have your people call my people.  

Gray Rugs #mohawkrugs #homedecoratorscollection
Greige Choices
Do I want something with some color like choice D?  

In my very dull un-colorful house that might be a nice surprise and according to the description, the background is greige.  They call it a gray brown.

And what doesn't clash with the surrounding rooms?  The dining room is open to everything.  

Also.... why did I open the big bag of Angies Sweet & Salty popcorn that was on the counter while I was looking at rugs?  

I ate two cereal bowls of it while I typed up this post.

 Lastly, should I be spelling greige - griege?  
You know, the I before E thing I also learned in California.

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  1. C is my favorite and i spell it gray, too. i grew up in new england- not sure what that means.

  2. I think I like C too :) I don't get the grey/gray thing either. I've always lived in MN...and I've always spelled it gray...

  3. Isn't california it's own country now? they spell and do everything differently! I like B against A, like D against C, Like D over B. Good luck. I am going to PM you a contact that I have over at Mohawk. Maybe she can help you with your decision!

  4. I like a or d. I'm a warm color lover, so I like some beige in my gray! All of them will look great with your walls and table.

  5. I like B & C - can't you borrow rugs to try them out? I thought I saw that offer somewhere...

    Happy shopping!

  6. Anonymous6/12/2014

    I like C... it seems to pull in most of the tones you have going on in the rest of the room.

    I had always heard grAy in America, grEy in England... but Cassie's comment up there put that right out the window. Oh well.

  7. C totally fits your home. Hands down. I spell gray... gray. See how they both match ;) And why are your white color choices making Brawn cry?

  8. I grew up spelling it 'gray', but I heard that 'grey' is the old English way of spelling it. Now that has made me bipolor on the spelling front: I spell it both 'gray' and 'grey' uggh!

    C is lovely to pull in all the color elements you were talking about. I think you would like some color pop, but do that with flowers, decor, other items that are not expensive as a rug.... at least, that is what I have opted to do with just about every space in my house [except kiddo's room and my office].

    Dark espresso is a YES with greige! They balance each other out so wonderfully. IMHO.

  9. I like C. I spell grey/gray both ways. I would think greige would be the right way to spell the other word (in my mind)...because it's like neighbor or weigh.
    You need to have a dinner party, this dining room is fab!

  10. I'm such a visual person that it's hard for me to make a choice for you without seeing a pic of the full room. That would allow me to see how the pattern would look under the table. Up close though, I like the "B" rug. But not sure if that would be the best choice overall though. I spell grey with an "e". Don't know why either.

  11. Which one do YOU like? Can you get some on approval locally? It's so hard to match tones/undertones otherwise.

  12. I think I like C too, but it's hard to say without seeing a full room shot. I spell it both ways -- appealing to the masses, you know.

  13. B and C are my favorites, just depends on the mood you are going for in the room. B has some fun whimsy to it, C is a great backdrop with classic styling. Looking forward to seeing the final decision!

  14. Well being that I'm from Blighty and definitely 'old English', it's grey of course !
    I think A would be the safer bet, with the little bit of red tying with your browns but D would definitely be different, maybe too different, so go for C !!!
    Did we ever see what choice made it for the laundry room floor ?

  15. D is my favorite. It adds a little color without being totally wild. Not sure about the greige vs. griege but grey and gray are both correct. I'm not sure why either.

  16. Well I know the answer to the whole greige thing. First I think it might not be a real word. Second the whole thing goes - i before e except after c or when sounded as a as in neighbor and weigh. Greige is sounded as a so it is ei. I like D the best, but that dark one is intriguing. Oh, I think it is perfectly acceptable to do or be grey or gray.

  17. Gray and grey are both correct. I like "A" rug the best, but I'm into grey...a lot!

  18. I like A or D, but they are all great contenders. Gray with an A is how I learned to spell it, but Grey with an E makes me feel sophisticated, ha!

  19. Anonymous6/13/2014

    I'm with Carlene . . . A & D. B looks green, not just gray . . . and D would get things jumpin' in that gorgeous room! Plus it'd give you some fun accent colors to play around with. Now C . . . well, I think paying little for old furniture you can make new again is just fine. But hat rug is new and looks old. Why pay lots for that?

    Re: spelling grAy and i before e except after c . . . no one ever said r had anything to do with it! :)
    Let us know what you end up with!
    Cheryl @ Artzzle

  20. There are so many things to think about when buying a rug besides looks and semantics. How does it feel on your TOES? After a long holiday meal do you just want to sit and dig your feet in? How is it pulling out chairs? If the back of the chair is off the carpet, does it feel cockeyed? When doing the yearly Swiffering around the carpet are you tripping on the edge because it is so plush? How do the animal hairs blend in? Can you lose a pizza in the pattern and never find it?

    Good luck on your choice-hope you don't have to compromise too much. The correct answer is C.

    La Verne@hope&salvage

    1. Anonymous6/15/2014

      And don't forget, if you have fringe, and vacuum, will the machine try to eat the fringe? Can't tell you how often I've had to replace the vac belt because i didn't tuck the Bokhara carpet fringe under the rug.

  21. Well, you should be good and confused after all of these opinions....
    I like C, it's plainish. I personally wouldn't get tired of it. It reminds me of a chalk board which I have an obsession with for some reason. I've gone with "color" because I "thought" I should and always regret it. I like plain. the end.

  22. I happen to like C a lot, it has a rich look to it and is not overwhelming. I have gotten some rugs from HD before and never have been disappointed. I have always spelled gray, gray too. That is how I was taught and I see it the other way too and want to know why, LOL.


  23. I spell it both ways because I can't remember the rules, nor how I spelled it the last time. Not to mention all the years of Spanish and French classes. Greige may be French for grey/ gray if my memory serves me correctly, which it oftens doesn't, so don't quote me. I'm rooting for option C. It is subtle and the colors are a match to the fabric of your chairs. You have those beautiful wooden floors, which give off warmth already. Adding too much more eye candy by way of rug might take the feature facture away from your dinning set and stone. I agree with some of the others. Pops of color can always be brought in with flowers and so forth. I do love all four choices, though.

  24. I spell it with an 'e' because I learned to spell from reading, and that's the word that was on the side of the box of Earl Grey Tea. My grandmother was from Scotland. As for the rugs, I'm also a 'big picture' person. Don't you wish you could just stick them all under the table before you had to choose?

  25. I always understood it to be grEy in Britain and Canada (that's me) and grAy in the U.S. Like colour/color or neighbour/neighbor.There's actually quite a large list of words. French for grey would be gris or grise. But whatever way one spells it, the rugs are all pretty. I especially like B and C but agree with others that it would be better to try them or see them in the room view.

  26. I like A, B, and C, but you never know until you try it in the room. A word of advice: don't order online unless there's free return shipping. I made the mistake once and it cost me $50 to return the d--- rug! Anyhoo, I'm really liking your neutral room. If you're looking for color, how about filling a tool caddy with blue canning jars filled with yellow, orange, and red (faux) ranunculus and have your artist daughter make you some pretty beaded drops for your chandelier with those colors. I saw a centerpiece like it somewhere and I wish I had pinned it! Well, that's my 5 cents and I hope B.S. (not mentioning any names here) doesn't read this because I've already had my butt kicked by her and I don't want a repeat performance. hehe

    I before E except after C, unless it sounds like an A as in neighbor and weigh. Do kids even LEARN this stuff anymore? And up on da Range it's gray. Not too many French folks around here. oui, oui or is it wee wee?

  27. Anonymous6/15/2014

    I like color, so will leave your carpet ideas to others. But A and C will hide the crumbs under the table best, IMO. ( I do have grey walls in the BR, with color in red bedding, etc. but the room would not accept any other color,,….it's the light, and Feng whatsit, you see)
    I am from England and grew up in New England--and to this day spell the word the Olde English way--grey. And I thought I was the only person in the USA who spelled it grey. Now you tell me others do too? Who told you this, is my question? Rhetorical question anyway. Lady Jane Grey, Zane Grey….Greys of the world unite!

  28. I pick C. It's a perfect match for your chair covers!

  29. I would pick D as I love the little bit of colour and I am not into matchy type of decorating. The others seem a little too safe. Your dining room is lovely and neutral . A little colour might be just what the doctor ordered. As for grey or gray, I have lived most of my life in Canada and I learned to spell it grey. The thing I learned was gray - American and grey - England. Since we were an English Commonwealth, Grey is the way it is for me.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. keep it up.

  30. I like C. And gray is the more accepted spelling in the US. Unless you're talking about 50 Shades. Which sucked.


  31. You're right. Everyone else is wrong. Only people who read sexy, smutty books spell it grey. I'll just wait for the movie and spell it gray! I'm stumped on the rug, too. I like C and B best, I think. But A is also appealing to me, but not as much as the bag of popcorn I have in the car. Well, it's mostly crumbs and kernels now. We are kindred snackers.


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