Bathroom Plank Floor Tile, Petrified Coast

I think I have mentioned a hundred times or so by now, we are in the midst of a bathroom redo, but it's really two bathrooms so takes twice as long.

It's a Jack and Jill bath, but not the typical kind where two doors enter one main area.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

Ours has two bedroom doors that enter two bathroom areas; the toilet and a vanity in one and a tub and vanity in the other.  So two Jills could get ready for school in the mornings by staggering their shower time by just a couple minutes.

One could do hair in one room, the other makeup, without getting in each others way.

I also mentioned last time in the redo-review where the subway tile went on the wall, that South Cypress helped me pick a plank type floor tile and it was a turn around from the rustic wood looking floor I originally pictured in my mind.

And I'm glad.

I love the stuff they suggested.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

If you're thinking of new tile, be it floor, counter, or wall, you really should have a look at what South Cypress has to offer.  Their prices are really good, customer service excellent, and the tile styles have got it all going on!

The complimentary floor tile I received is called Storka Petrified Coast.  It's an 8" by 36" plank style that has a coastal feel to it with the grays but is warm with the veins of brown.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

The bath is for my sons and they declared the choice "great".

They were probably relieved.  I think they're worried that my choices might be something to fear due to this bathrooms shady past.........

I'm not going to give you a tutorial on where to get animal bustiers or how to lay tile - there are plenty of tile tutorials if you want to Google that info from the experts - but suffice it to say I believe out of many of the DIY projects homeowners can tackle, laying their own tile is easily accomplished with the right tools and some tile glue.

If you need an animal bustier either in fabric or wallpaper, you're on your own.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

A wet saw is used to cut the tile, the adhesive is spread around, and the tiles are laid.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

My husbands fingers look like they are missing the tips in that photo.  I assure you he has all his digits, it's an illusion, not a consequence of tile laying.

I guess we never cared about cold feet for the girls, but by God we want those boys never to experience the trauma of exiting a shower to have their freshly washed little piggies slap down on cold floor tile.

So the bathroom redo received in floor heat.

A luxury no other room in the house has.

You can't really see the in-floor heat because of that zone thing I've mentioned before - my husband was in the installation zone, not photo taking zone.

But underneath that gray thinset, glue, and tile, are cables connected to a thermostat that will warm feet after a shower on a cold Minnesota day.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

The colors in the floor tile should tie in nicely with the concrete counter tops, and I'll still get the rustic touch with the dark barn wood vanities Brawn will custom make.

Concrete Bathroom Counter,

The subway tile in the shower has been grouted, and the Pfister Faucet is installed, more on that in the next redo-review.

South Cypress Subway Tile, Pfister Faucet Selia Shower Fixtures,

Shopping is in order.  Shower curtain.  Shower curtain rod.  Should I get one of those arched rods for a little more elbow room when someone lathers?

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  1. that tile is beautiful! love it!

  2. This is totally fantastic. I first saw that wood-like tile in a condo in Naples, FL and fell in love with it. All the materials you've chosen look really handsome together.

  3. It's looking great. Can't wait to see it all done.

  4. I love the tile...such a great look...seems perfect with all of the wonderful choices you've made! And a warm tile pretty wonderful!

  5. Beautiful color choice...very Bliss- like.

  6. I love the arched rod! Yes. Do it. Then invite me over and pretend your house is a B&B and let me vacation for a week, m'kay?


  7. Looking fabulous! And I'm so glad your husband's digits are all okay! :)

  8. It's looking so awesome, Bliss... love the subway tile and your floor tile selection. And yes to the curved shower rod... trust me!
    xo Heidi

  9. I really love that tile floor! I love the new tile that looks like wood planks for bathrooms. I'm starting to see it in model homes now. Wish I had that in my master bathroom. Sounds like you're getting close to the fun part now. The heated floors will be perfect in your cold climate! That was good thinking.

  10. Your floor tile is gorgeous! My sister installed that tile in their bathroom and it looks amazing (it's heated, too). Those boys are going to be grooming in style!

  11. Yes. you should get a curved shower curtain. I love the floor tile. I need to check their tile out. My kitchen floor needs help.

  12. Such a classic style, but with a rustic touch. This bathroom should never change again! I'm excited for them to start using it. (That sounds geeky, I know)


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