Purse Door Wreath From Found Items

This is how the story goes ....

Spring Purse Wreath,

I was vacuuming up dead bugs in our three season porch, now that the snow has melted, and a round galvanized chalkboard thing I made from a broken clock fell off the wall.

So I cleaned it up and decided to make a wreath out of it.

Then I decided I didn't want a round chalkboard wreath on my mudroom door because I have a chalkboard wreath on my front door.......

Chalkboard Door Wreath, Bliss-Ranch

So I assembled all the crap I could find that had no purpose, and any extra spring-ish parts, and told myself whatever it ends up looking like, it will be fine.

I wasn't expecting much.

Spring Purse Wreath,

While laying out all the random junk, I wasn't very motivated to turn it into something for my door, so I left it lay there and went to pick up the pine cones that were on the front porch from Christmas decorations. 

I know you're thinking HEY, it's the middle of April and you're just now picking up pine cones from December

Well here in the Midwest, the northern Midwest, Spring arrives for about three days sometime in May, then BOOM it's summer. 

So it might be spring according to the calendar, but in my world spring is when there are leaves on the trees - mine are still bare - and the danger of a snow storm has passed.

Spring Purse Wreath,

Regardless, I am doing some Spring cleaning, hence the bug sucking up.

But apparently I couldn't concentrate on just one project. 

I had three things going on - cleaning the three season porch, then before that was done I found myself cleaning the front porch (so I could paint the porch bench which was my original goal for the day) and then this wreath making thing sort of just happened between walking from porch to porch.

Wanna bet if I get the bench painted?

So I added to the pile of junk on the table, the pine cones and more dirty flowers from last year. 

Spring Purse Wreath,

The flowers were washed and dried because I wasn't going shopping today to fetch new ones and I didn't have any where to put the pine cones so I determined those would be incorporated into whatever the heck I was making.

A door wreath wasn't looking too promising based on the found items.

But I liked the final product.

Spring Purse Wreath,

The pine cones became filler for the old purse that was hanging in my coat cubby for 15 years.

I had no intention of ever using it but couldn't bring myself to toss it, just like the pine cones - I didn't want to store them, but didn't want to throw them out.

And if you are wondering what I ended up doing with the round galvanized chalkboard that started the whole thing when it fell off the wall........

I took two remaining pine cones and a ring of barbed wire that was randomly hanging on a front porch decoration and wrapped it around the outside edge of the former clock.

Then I proceeded to stuff it in the closet.

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  1. That closet sure holds a lot of treasures! I love the purse/door wreath!

  2. Don't you love it when something wonderful comes from just a bit of this and that? Thanks for sharing.

  3. That did turn out great, Bliss...and I love the front door, too!

  4. Isn't it true that most times the motivation for a project ends up in the cutting room closet? Please know that your writing has ripples. Often a Bliss thought or project will randomly appear in my brain and interrupt my current mission. It is always a positive, welcome de-railer. Thank you.

  5. That new door decoration really screams Spring! That is so cute with the flowers in it. That was a creative way to add them to the purse.

  6. That is amazingly cute. I have tried making two wreath/door hangy things in my time and they both completely sucked. Now I just keep my eye out for something cute to buy at Aldi because I know when I'm beat. And don't feel bad about the Christmas pine cones...we just burned our neighbors' Christmas tree for them last weekend. And WOW, did it go up!!!

  7. A wreath on your mudroom door? Fancy! I like that bag. It goes well with pine cones. We have a little green on the trees and the cherry and redbuds are blooming. But I don't consider it spring until something blooms in MY yard. And it's warm more than 3 days in a row.

  8. Flattery and deceit are the darlings of great men, and so with these men spread the butter on thick, if you want to get something out of them, otherwise you'll come home to me with a full belly and an empty purse.


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