Dollhouse Practice Chandelier

#5 in the dollhouse journal is something I never would have considered making had I not seen photos on line.

Dollhouse chandelier's are a thing, and the ones I saw on Pinterest were made out of bead supplies.

If it's one thing we have around here, it's beading supplies, so I thought I'd make a couple practice ones.

My samples are not so amazing as the ones I saw online.

Practice Dollhouse Chandelier,

I discovered I need a firmer wire.  I think what I used was a 24 gauge and I need a thicker one.

I  also discovered I don't have the patience for beading tiny items, so I'm going to pass this job off to daughter #2 who all the supplies belong to anyway.

She will do a much nicer job than I could and hers won't look like the hands of Lumiere from Beauty And The Beast.

Practice Dollhouse Chandelier,

The saggy wire ones I made at least give you the general idea.

There is a practice one in purple, you know because the 5 year old princess told me she wanted a purple room.

It's getting close to the first room reveal for the Dollhouse Therapy Challenge.

I'm working on the master bedroom, for no particular reason other than it's not as detailed so takes less time than other rooms, like say a kitchen.

And I've seen some of the detailed ideas from Cassie at Primitive and Proper.  Click the link and you can see how she turned woven coasters into a door mat and mirror.

She thinks like I do, I picked up some coasters too........

Dollhouse Project,

Mostly I wanted the gold fireplace andirons, which have since been painted black.

But I'm not making a door mat out of my coasters, nothing goes to waste........... stay tuned.

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  1. that is the one thing i still need to figure out.... lighting. UGH. love these- send them here since they are only practice ones. ;)

  2. I was going to say you have patience of Job if you can do this. Then I see where you're passing it off to your daughter. Smart move. I can't wait to see when it's all put together.


  3. This is so much fun!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Very clever...and Beth will be a great chandy maker with all her beads.

  5. That chandelier is so cute...what a great idea!

  6. I'm in the dark over here! Love your ideas!

  7. Those coasters with the fireplace irons look like stacked wood! So cute! The chandy's will be pretty when they're done. I couldn't work with beading either. Too intricate. I think my stomach would get pinned up in knots.

  8. I'm with Kelly. The coasters look like stacked wood or wood in a fireplace. This room is going to be fantastic.

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