Step Stool Makeover, October Thrifty Style Team

In September's edition of the Thrifty Style Team,  I gave a vintage enamel bucket a makeover and explained how a local auction house groups things together so if you win the bid you come home with other treasures you may or may not want.

Same scenario for Octobers step stool - it was grouped in the same winning bid as the enamel bucket and sat in the garage til I took a paint brush to it.  A thrifty update to a thrifty castoff.

And speaking of thrifty, this month there are 16 Thrifty Style Team projects to check out, those links come at the end after I'm done blabbing.
Thrifty Style Team October Collage

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I wasn't in the market for a step stool but since I am height challenged one always comes in handy.
Step stool makeover

Winning lot #316 contained the little stepper.  It's a typical two tier wood stool, sporting a warm pine finish, a dated colorful stencil,and lots of flecks of white paint.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

I thought it could double as a plant stand since soon house plants will need to be brought back in the house so they don't freeze.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

The aloe vera plants I have are quite the reproducers - I have been separating them and giving them away, but still each plant produces more little shoots, so I have an over abundance of baby aloe plants.

In the photo above you can see more little plants popping up in the soil of that recently replanted plant, they just won't stop!

Unlike all my other plants, I can do no wrong when it comes to the aloe plants, they thrive for me no matter where I put them.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

Anyway, back to the step stool...... a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Putty was brushed on.  Putty is a nice neutral grayish-taupeish shade, and since I didn't know where the final resting spot for the stool might be, I opted for a color I could use anywhere.

You can see how the color of Putty looks different in the light.  The photo above was taken on a day with full sunshine, and below was a cloudy day.  Taupe to gray.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

The word Vintage and the checked pattern are both stencils from the Old Sign Stencils Line.  Each of the two give the step stool a bit of personality.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

I didn't measure anything as far as using the stencils, I eyeballed them both for center and used Casement as the letter color, also from Fusion Mineral Paint.

Step stool makeover with Old Sign Stencils

Not too bad for a thrifty little stool that I didn't want or need.

For now I'm keeping the step stool in the master bathroom.  Often I need to reach to the top closet shelf, which of course means I can't actually reach the top closet shelf without help, and this little step stool is just the right amount of help for me.

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  1. Wow! I love this transformation! I'm always a sucker for a good checkered pattern...and the colors are lovely! It's so great getting to link up with you and others on the Thrifty Style Team!

  2. So cute Bliss, I love a step stool!! Really like how the color changes too! Pinned!

  3. You would never know it is the same stool. I love the color and stencils! I wanna go to an an auction with you sometime. You find incredible deals.

  4. Your stool is as cute as can be! If I lived closer, I would take some of those aloe babies off your hands. I keep meaning to get a plant because they are so good to have around. Years ago, I got a terrible sunburn between my boobs because I had on a new swimsuit top and exposed some virgin skin. I put aloe on the burn and it started healing immediately.

  5. how cute is that stool. love the print and the color.

  6. I so adore this stool! It is PERFECT and the colours you chose are so pretty. That was one great little find!

  7. Such a cute stool! Love the colors that you used, and the checked pattern.


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