Inspirational Sign For A Certain Boy

When I started blogging a certain little boy was just barely 4 years old.

He's aged a bit and lost those chubby preschool cheeks.

Now he swings a bat, rides anything with wheels, and plays with his little sister, but mostly he likes to hang out with his Grandpa.

Boy Positive Quote Sign with barnwood frame, Bliss-Ranch

I made a positive inspiration sign a couple years ago for his sister.

The kind of sign I hope she reads from time to time, especially as a teenager, and takes the words to heart.

Girls Positive Inspiration Sign,

So it makes sense that the certain eight year old should have a sign too, with words I would want him to read as he gets older, and to put into practice.

Boy Positive Quote Sign with barnwood frame, Bliss-Ranch

The sign started out as a smooth piece of MDF and I sponged a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash as the background.

Letters were cut and placed on the wood, (twice because I messed up but we won't go there) then another coat of Ash was applied to help with bleed under the vinyl before the top color goes on.

Boy Positive Quote Sign with barnwood frame, Bliss-Ranch

For the background color I chose Little Lamb Gray from the new Tones For Tots line of Fusion Mineral Paints.

Little Lamb is a soft gray, the paint goes on excellent, and sadly my jar of it is empty.

A rustic barn wood frame was whipped up by the grandfather.

The quote is said to be an old Indian saying, I didn't come up with it.

Boy Positive Quote Sign with barnwood frame, Bliss-Ranch

How many eight year old's do you know who has their grandfather as their best friend, and how many men do you know who can say they are their sons and their grandsons best friend? 

I hope you can answer "many" to that question.

I can.

The grandfather is still his own four sons best friend.

That is quite an accomplishment to have the people that know you the best, think you are worthy of the title.

It didn't happen by accident.

I believe it's because of the way that man has lived his life, which happens to be relevant to the words on the sign.

So for that certain eight year old boy, the grandfather is a wonderful example of the good wolf.

Boy Positive Quote Sign with barnwood frame, Bliss-Ranch

And that man - the father and grandfather - who continues to make a difference in the lives of his own sons, now has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the grand kids he loves.

Because he only feeds the good wolf.

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  1. I love this saying and this sign. But mostly I love that you keep giving me really good reasons to finally buy a silhouette.


  2. One of my favorite quotes and I think it's perfect for his sign. As he grows and matures those words will take on more meaning and he will truly know what a lucky boy he was to have his grandfather in his life.
    And I think it's so sweet that you honor Brawn with those words. I'm going to tell him. ;)

  3. Aww what a sweet tribute to Brawn and his offspring!

  4. Finally back Bliss. Beautiful sign, I have always said you have done a wonderful job with your children it doesn't surprise me the relationship they have with you. How wonderful it's tricked down to the grandbabies


  5. That's beautiful. I'm glad your son has such a good relationship with his grandfather.


  6. Lovely post, is everything. Sounds like your family has always had the right priorities. Wonderful sign for your grandson!

  7. You always say that Brawn "puts up with you", but from this post I can see that it must be because he knows how much you cherish him. May the little guy follow the wisdom in this quote always.


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