Simple Dresser Top To Hold Changing Pad For Baby

I think that's the longest post title I've ever had.  Probably unnecessary, but who cares.

I could have just called it Dresser Pad Holder.  Or Diaper Changer Pad Frame.

Whatever, it's the simple pine frame Brawn built to hold a foam diaper changer from moving around on top of a baby dresser that I redid for daughter #1 who's adding on to her family.

And that was a long sentence to match the long post title.

Changing Pad Dresser Top,

I posted the dresser redo at the beginning of the week and I wanted to show you how simple this frame really is.

Simple Pine Dresser Diaper Changer Top To Hold Pad,

It's nothing fancy, just pine tacked together, sized for the top of the dresser and the shape of the changing pad.

We had two options for attaching the frame to the dresser top.

We could have used dowel pegs and stuck them in the holes that partly held the mirror on, or there are also pieces of metal that flip up in the back which are also to hold the mirror on, and those can be screwed right into the back of the pine topper.

Simple Pine Dresser Diaper Changer Top To Hold Pad,

We opted to screw the topper to the metal hinge type thing, that you can't see in this photo because it's still attached to the mirror.  It slides into that little metal clip behind the peg hole we didn't use, then flips up.

Simple Pine Dresser Diaper Changer Top To Hold Pad,

I taped up the pine to add stripes in the colors from the dresser - the dark wood, the Little Lamb Gray from the new line Tones For Tots at Fusion Mineral Paint, and the pop of lime my daughter wants.

Simple Pine Dresser Diaper Changer Top To Hold Pad,

When I told Brawn I needed a changer top for the dresser he knew just what I meant.

Simple Pine Dresser Diaper Changer Top To Hold Pad,

He had made one for on top of an antique dresser we re-purposed many years ago into our own diaper changing dresser when #1 daughter was born.

I guess this project was sort of a what goes around comes around kind.  So when baby comes around to their house, he'll have a place for changing after he goes.

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  1. I really love this whole thing- the colors work beautifully and I am wondering where else that lime will be used.

  2. you did a lovely job on the painting of the dresser and Brawn put the cherry on the top with that frame. Your daughter and her family are lucky to have grandparents like you two.

  3. Well you could have called it "change your pad." That would have worked, too...


  4. Love that dresser changing topper thingy majigy! :)

  5. The whole thing is fantastic. Shannon bought a plastic/rubber/whatever changing pad thingy that she uses on top of a dresser. It never budges during changing and can be rinsed off in the bathtub if it gets gross. I was wondering if it needed to be attached in some way but it hasn't been a problem. I rather like the finished look that the striped trim gives the whole dresser though.


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