Sweepovac In Wall Dust Vacuum

Last week I showed you a bunch of dog photos and told you about my life as the dog whisperer, how I host a few doggie guests at a time that sleep in my mudroom while their owners go on vacation.

I also told you I would show you one of the coolest products to pass through the Bliss Ranch doggie door and I think you will understand why it's so great to have it around here.
Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,
My mudroom is a good size, it's also where I have a computer so I can spend time with the dogs when they come inside to nap.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

Fortunately I don't have any pet dander allergies, but that doesn't mean I enjoy dog hair floating around next to me or sticking to my feet.

Many times I sweep up a pile of dog hair and instead of grabbing the dustpan I just banish the pile to a corner till it gets big enough it's worth getting out the dustpan.

What... you think any size pile of dog hair is worth getting the dustpan out for?

You're right, I'm just lazy.

Meet the Sweepovac, an in wall vacuum..........

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

Their motto is "ditch the dustpan".

It's not just dog hair keeping me company while I'm on the computer, this is a mudroom and mud does enter on everyone's feet so there is the usual yard stuff that also passes through.

If you have an issue with dust, pet hair, grass clippings and the normal crumbs a family leaves, this gadget is for you.

I think it's a straight forward DIY project for the average homeowner, pretty much anyone can accomplish this install.

We of course had to make it a bit more tricky and at the last minute decided to install ours not in the kitchen cabinet base, but in a mud room wall instead.

It just made more sense for us to put the Sweepovac where the majority of my laziness occurs.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

Brawn started by pulling off the baseboard and cap that is just outside of a small bathroom.

You can tour that small bathroom {HERE} just don't blink.

Small Mudroom Bath,

I knew what pulling off the trim was going to reveal..... the very first color I painted this mudroom.


Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

I've mentioned before how this area used to have white ceramic tile with little cranberry accent tiles.

What mother of 4 (at that time) with a Great Dane (also at that time) puts WHITE tile in a MUDroom?  I swear I went through a temporary insanity stage, which was about the same time as my trying crackle paint on wainscotting stage took place.

But back to installing the Sweepovac.....

There is a template that makes cutting out the opening simple.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

In our spot the unit will actually slide right under a cabinet in that small bathroom, and the electrical is a straight shot up the inside of the wall.

Brawn had to modify a couple pieces of 2x4 which made more of a mess than a standard installation.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

Just look at that blurred image below of how fast he's using the shop vac to clean up the dust.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

The Sweepovac unit could then slide right in.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

It's made to fit in the kitchen with the best place being an area like on a center island or a spot where there isn't a deep kick space.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

It comes with a stainless steel face plate or the option to switch it to white.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

A supply of bags is included.....

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

The bags fit on easily - just slide open the Sweepovac drawer, and put the bag in with the cardboard piece in the slots.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

Use your big piggy that goes to market to simply push the device on.........

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

....and sweep your dust, dirt, dog hair, or debris over to the Sweepovac opening at the bottom, and presto! it gets sucked up.

Sweepovac In Wall Vacuum,

It also turns itself off automatically.  P.D.C. > > > > Pretty Darn Cool.

I'd like to thank Sweepovac for gifting me with this handy dandy contraption, and guess what?  Sweepovac would like to give two Bliss Ranch readers a chance to win one for their home.

Check back on Monday for your chance to win so you too can suck up your dirt and debris!

In the meantime, stop in at the Sweepovac Facebook page {HERE} where they have a video of the in wall vacuum in action. 

*For transparency and full disclosure, that is not my foot in the photo above.

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  1. That sounds like just what I need. Will be back on Monday for sure.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. That would work beautifully near my cat box!

  3. Anonymous6/24/2016

    OHH! It is an incredible idea to replace the dustpan with this cool kind of tech machine. It will make a job effortless and mess-free. I would love to have that installed.

  4. Whoa. That's pretty sweet!! Also, I love Brawn's pedi.

  5. I've seen advertisements for this and thought "that's a gadget I might need to have" so I rather need you to pick me!So I'll come back on Monday and beg some more. I'm assuming this is a good with cat hair as it is with dog hair.

  6. That is neat. Not only for dog hair but for those crumbs on the kitchen floor. Would love to have one. Nancy P.

  7. My friend has one similar in her kitchen. You step on a lever and it activates. Once I stepped on it and it made a suction noise and scared the s##t out of me.

    Nice that you have one. I told you, you make me smile. The whit tile comment brought me a chuckle


  8. Wait, WHAT???? How have I never heard of this! You mean I can stuff my potato chip dust into this gizzy instead of leaving it for the mice?? WHO KNEW??

    I want this.


  9. What a great idea! love this.First time I have heard of it.

  10. The cylinder vacuum with a HEPA seal is a safe option for allergic reaction patients. It is lighter compared with the upright vacuum. Cylinder vacuum have a bag and a motor. You can bring it up and down the stairs with ease as well as reach under your furnishings with ease. best food saver for home use

  11. Hi! I just bought one of these and have been having trouble installing mine! It won't fit under the kitchen cabinets because the base of my cabinets is too low :( Were your walls thick enough to fit the entire sweepovac???


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